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2022 Advanced Call Center Technology Includes AI

Advanced Call Center Technology Includes AI in 2022

Technology has been part of call centers for decades beginning with telephony solutions that allowed simple tasks such as placing a customer on hold or transferring a caller to another agent. Over time, more advanced call center technology has surfaced, leading to today’s comprehensive contact center automation solutions based on artificial intelligence technologies.

According to Gartner in January 2022, customer service leaders should be using AI to “offer insights or predictions, improve user experiences, and optimize business process automation.” By doing so, businesses can improve how their contact centers operate, leading to higher customer service scores, more loyal clients, and increasing revenue.

In addition, customer contact centers are struggling to attract and retain employees. The COVID-19 pandemic began a mass exodus of employees in general with 3.5 million leaving positions voluntarily since January 2019 as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Turnover in this industry alone has averaged between 30 to 45 percent.

Advanced call center technology like the Thinking Machine can support human employees through contact center automation. These solutions resolve many of the routine calls that can lead to agent burnout, allowing representatives to instead take more complex calls that require human interaction and empathy.

What is call center technology?

Call center technology can include many different types of solutions, like

  • interactive voice response (IVR),
  • agent assist tools, or
  • contact center automation.

The latter is driven by artificial intelligence technology, resolving Tier One customer inquiries immediately with no human interaction required.

What are the differences between basic and advanced call center technology?

Traditionally, basic call center tech has worked to solve only small pieces of a broader problem. For example, a call center may work to shorten hold times or accommodate unexpected staffing changes. IVR menus, agent assist tools, and chatbots work to make specific channels or processes faster but frequently fail to address the entire picture.

On the other hand, advanced call center technology solutions like contact center automation are designed to make a business’s entire contact center more efficient. AI agents handle routine inquiries without human interaction while appropriately routing more complex requests to live agents. At the same time, contact center automation technology continually “learns,” helping management continuously improve scripts and processes.

What is the best call center software?

The best call center software works seamlessly with live customer service agents. It handles Tier One questions and issues immediately with zero caller wait time. The system then forwards more complex inquiries to human agents with a complete transcript so no information needs to be repeated.

As a leader in contact center automation, Replicant software helps companies automate their most common customer service calls while empowering agents to focus on more complex and nuanced customer challenges.

Replicant’s platform allows callers to speak or communicate naturally across all channels while resolving customer service issues quickly. Contact center effectiveness is improved, customers are happier, and agents are more satisfied in their jobs.

Since this platform can be implemented in weeks and scales up or down instantly, call center efficiency is improved as well, handling millions of customer support interactions every month. Roughly 70 percent to 90 percent of calls can be resolved completely with the remainder escalated to agents with full call summaries.

Once calls are completed, conversations are automatically logged into a company’s CRM software system with full transcripts and summaries. Click to learn more about the advantages of Replicant’s call center technology and contact center automation works.

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