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AI Voice Responders Support Call Centers During COVID-19

Replicant’s AI Voice Responder enables call centers to quickly respond to increased customer calls without adding agents

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing myriad issues for call centers around the world, as they experience increased call volumes and reduced agent availability due to lockdowns. We’ve put our heads together at Replicant to develop a cost-effective, scalable solution – AI Voice Responder – a solution that can start answering calls in just days, eliminating wait times and managing customers’ questions regardless of agent availability.

The AI Voice Responder provides a quick and cost-effective way for businesses to better manage fluctuating call center demand. It can triage high call volumes and answer frequently asked questions to quickly resolve common support issues without live agents. It can also classify calls based on topics and urgency, enabling businesses to prioritize and respond according to specific customer issues.

The AI Voice Responder logs cases automatically in Salesforce and Zendesk so agents can prioritize follow-ups to resolve more complicated issues. Additionally, it can automate interactive outbound calls to update customers with the latest information, collect information, or reschedule appointments.Customers can effectively use AI Voice Responder across multiple industries to support their specific needs, here are a few ways as to how:

  • Travel companies can triage call spikes to reduce customer hold times and enable self-service 
  • Telecom companies can troubleshoot tier-1 networking issues and answer FAQs for understaffed call centers
  • Gig Economy companies can manage spikes in demand with automated outbound calls for ordering and delivering
  • Healthcare companies can disseminate voice-based information like clinic hours and testing site locations
  • eCommerce keep customers informed on stock availability, return policies, and delivery updates
  • Government agencies can give citizens the latest updates on safety information and unexpected events

One early customer is using Voice Responder to help its customers with basic hardware issues for a commercial product, replacing its offshore call center that was impacted by global lockdowns. The voice AI solution asks questions to identify the problem, provides relevant solutions via text, and creates a follow-up case if the issue is not resolved. By using Replicant as its first line of defense, agents can focus on the most urgent and complex cases first and are able to serve all their customers despite spikes in call volumes.

Call centers, and all of us, are faced with great uncertainty right now as we do our part to ‘flatten the curve’ and slow the spread of coronavirus. Voice AI can help manage businesses disruptions and ensure customers will remain customers long into the future. Learn more here. 

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