Autonomous Customer Service: The Future of Customer Care

In recent years, a vast number of processes in a variety of industries have been automated in some way. As automation technology develops, it’s become a great way to increase profits, make employees’ jobs easier, and reduce the need for additional staff members. 

In particular, customer service automation has eliminated many mundane and repetitive tasks. Instead of requiring employees to spend valuable work hours on these tasks, they are instantaneously completed by AI technology without the need for human interference. 

Agents no longer need to use the majority of their time answering the same questions, punching in or editing account information, or walking confused customers through processes over and over. Ultimately, autonomous customer service results in clear communication, allows companies to eliminate hold time, increases customer retention, and contributes to overall business success. 

What is Autonomous Customer Service?

According to the Harvard Business Review, automation processes like AI and machine learning give businesses a huge advantage over competitors. This is especially true for customer service. Autonomous customer service is an emerging category in which companies automate their most common customer service calls. This in turn frees agents up to focus on more complex and nuanced customer journey challenges. 

Once you implement AI-based customer service, customers will experience no wait times. Because the vast majority of calls can be resolved by AI and natural language processing, agents are available for those calls that need to be escalated to a human agent. 

How Can Autonomous Customer Service Improve Customer Experience?

Autonomous customer service uses a combination of conversational AI, NLU, and machine learning to answer every single customer call, text, or chat message immediately. Rather than simply rerouting or deflecting callers, automation can often resolve customer requests end-to-end. As a result, the contact center can lower call handle times and make services available 24/7. 

Things to Consider When Choosing An Automation Solution

Businesswire sees automation as “magical” when it comes to optimizing resources. However, many automation solutions are available, so it’s important to think about the following features before purchasing a solution. 

  • Find a solution that is proven to work well. Review the feedback an automation solution has received from customers who have interacted with it and from real businesses that have implemented it. For example, Replicant has resolved 90 percent of common call drivers across millions of customer service interactions. 
  • Consider integration. Some solutions may work great, but require that you get rid of all the technologies you’re currently using. Replicant’s Thinking Machine is a natural fit with any tech stack, and it works with IVR, CCaaS, CRM, and telephony, enhancing instead of replacing existing technology. Agents are thus able to continue using the processes they’re accustomed to, creating a smoother integration and implementation process. 
  • Think about a solution’s capacity for analytics. Analytics are incredibly important if you want your business to grow and improve. Think about it; if you don’t know what’s going on within your business, you won’t know where to direct improvement efforts. Replicant provides visibility into all customer support conversations and analyzes insights from conversation data, success rates, unsupported call flows, CSAT, self-serve script edits, and more. While Replicant provides many out-of-the-box features like these, you can also personalize it to your business; for example, you can create custom dashboards that help you optimize your business’s performance over time. 
  • Make sure your automation solution has the capacity for natural conversations. Replicant doesn’t use endless IVR or keyword-driven call trees; instead, the Thinking Machine is powered by cutting-edge NLU that allows customers to speak naturally when making customer requests. For example, they can say phrases like “the Tuesday after next” or “sometime in the morning works great” and still be understood. 

Learn More About Replicant’s Solution

In the coming years, AI-based customer service is the technology that will make ROI skyrocket while eliminating hold times and increasing customer loyalty. If you’re ready to see the difference Replicant could make for your business, calculate your call center automation ROI using our solution and schedule a live demo.

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