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Call Center Automation Software in 2023

The new year is always a great time to pause and take stock of what can be done better. For today’s contact centers, it’s likely that this review will include considering call center automation software upgrades or implementation. In fact, Gartner expected worldwide end-user spending on conversational AI solutions within contact centers to reach nearly two billion at the end of last year.

As businesses evaluate call center automation solutions, it’s important to consider a company’s particular priorities and needs. For many organizations, today, improving the customer experience, reducing wait times and costs, and finding ways to deal with the labor shortage and high attrition rates top that list. Replicant’s conversational AI software successfully addresses those issues with industry-specific contact center automation solutions.

What Is Call Center Automation?

Call center automation involves using AI to improve customer experience. For example, when a person calls, chats, or emails a business, that inquiry is resolved quickly and immediately and added to that individual customer’s repository of data for future reference. This eliminates wait time, reduces the number of resources to call resolution, and shifts only the most complex calls to live agents.

What Are The Best Automation Solutions?

The best solutions for call center automation use natural language processing and other contact center automation tools to address repetitive, common questions with zero wait time and no human interaction. Instead of a frustrating keypad or keyword-only interaction, customers can simply speak in a natural manner. The best-automated solutions can understand multiple customer intents and retrieve an accurate answer automatically.

Industries such as hospitality and travel, insurance, finance, and healthcare, which experience high call volumes and repetitive inquiries regarding balance status, reservation changes, or appointment inquiries can automate a vast majority of their calls.

What Is The Top Call Center Automation Software In 2023?

Replicant’s conversational AI solution is one of the top automated contact center solutions available today. Its platform is built on millions of real customer interactions, providing every new customer with an easy-to-implement solution that’s immediately effective. The longer Replicant is used, the more it “learns” about a specific business’s customers and the “smarter” it gets over time.

Replicant has years of experience, successfully automating millions of calls for some of the world’s most trusted brands. We provide a robust, secure solution that is easy for both managers and customers to deploy, maintain, and constantly improve. 

The Benefits Of Implementing Now

Today’s call center automation technology can provide omnichannel support, well-designed and effective conversations, conversation analytics, agent collaboration, comprehensive integrations, and security. This, in turn, means that contact centers can automate common customer requests, increase the availability of agents to take complex calls, collect richer data, and reduce costs significantly. 

Call center automation software is still relatively new within the industry, and front-runners will benefit the most. Many contact centers are still upgrading other parts of their technology stacks, which means those who automate now gain a competitive advantage. 

National consumer satisfaction indexes are down. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, there has been a sharp decline in customer satisfaction since 2019. “There are several reasons for the flattening and subsequent decline of customer satisfaction. While COVID-19 has certainly played a role, the fall in customer satisfaction began before the advent of the pandemic. From 2010 to 2019, about 70 percent of the companies tracked by ACSI had declining or flat customer satisfaction scores. Since then, American customers have become even more dissatisfied. As of the fourth quarter of 2021, almost 80 percent of the companies have now failed to increase the satisfaction of their customers since 2010.”

That means those contact centers that automate now will shine against the competition. Early adopters can also see which requests are best suited for automation and gather more accurate data to inform future decisions. Since Replicant’s solution can answer an unlimited number of simultaneous calls, contact centers are ready for unpredictable spikes in demand. 

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