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Call Center Outsourcing Companies: Why to Choose Replicant over BPOs

Call Center Outsourcing Companies: Why to Choose Replicant over BPOs

At first glance, business process outsourcing (BPO) can seem like the holy grail for an overwhelmed and overworked contact center. The idea of routing an overflow of customer calls to a third-party vendor to provide some relief and shorten initial hold times can be very appealing; however, there are some major customer satisfaction considerations to keep in mind when choosing a call center service provider.

A study by Forbes explains why organizations opt for BPO solutions. Reasons include perceived cost-effectiveness, improved follow-up, better monitoring capabilities, and flexibility. Business owners often feel that call center outsourcing companies are the only way to maintain great customer service, whether it’s due to financial difficulties, a lack of experience, or a shortage of employees.

However, when BPO contracts don’t fulfill the need for automation, the costs can quickly outweigh the benefits. In fact, according to Gartner, “Finance and accounting organizations will not renew 60% of their existing business process outsourcing contracts by 2025 because of outdated pricing models that do not drive digitization and process improvement.”

The Problem With BPOs

Although the idea of BPOs seems to be a good one, contact centers have faced many challenges with long-term implementation. Here are some of the common disadvantages:

  • High Turnover. Like most contact centers, those third-party vendors who offer BPO services are struggling with high turnover rates. As a result, training needs to be nearly continuous for customer service representatives to have the knowledge to answer inquiries correctly and efficiently.
  • Overseas Challenges. One way many BPOs reduce costs is by using overseas representatives who demand lower wages. Language and cultural barriers can add to customer frustration.
  • Training Costs. Since BPOs are not going to have an intimate understanding of a company’s products and services, the ramp-up time to ensure that representatives are well-trained can be extensive.
  • Increased Frustration. While well-trained third-party vendors can be an asset to an organization, those that are not could potentially add to customer frustration and reduce service levels, potentially harming your company’s brand and image.

Overcoming Issues With Call Center Automation

Instead of relying on BPO solutions, companies may want to explore automated call center solutions instead. Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) technology from Replicant can be a cost-effective and reliable way for contact centers to manage overflow to all aspects of their function. Reach out for more information.

Here are some benefits of successful call center management:

  • Immediate Resolution of Tier One Requests. Simple customer inquiries can be automated through dialogue management, eliminating hold times.
  • More Interesting Workload. By offloading routine questions to conversational AI, call center agents will be more available to take care of interactive, complex requests that make their jobs more interesting.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction. Studies show that conversational AI technology boosts customer satisfaction scores.
  • Continuous Learning. Replicant’s AI intent recognition solution “learns” as it responds to customer inquiries, fine-tuning its ability to provide even better responses as time goes on.
  • Better Analytics. Having an automated AI intent recognition system allows contact centers to collect more data about the types of calls, customers, and inquiries the center is receiving, leading to improved processes, products and services. Many call center outsourcing companies do not offer these types of analytics.

What Contact Center Automation is Not

With so much new technology available, it’s important to understand what contact center automation is, and what it is not. Contact center automation is NOT:

  • Just a Chatbot. While chatbots are popular today, contact center automation covers multiple touchpoints including phone calls, text messages, and emails in addition to online chats.
  • A CCaaS Replacement. Replicant’s solution is designed to integrate into existing platforms so that agents can continue to use the technology they’re accustomed to.
  • A Rip and Replace Solution. Finally, contact center automation boosts any contact center’s service, regardless of its current technology.

Why Do Companies Choose Replicant For Call Center Outsourcing?

Whether your company is struggling with temporary or seasonal hiring or expenses associated with BPO, Replicant offers automated call center outsourcing. By automating Tier One requests, companies can provide customers with quick resolution at any time through whatever communication channel they prefer.

Alternatives to Call Center Outsourcing Companies

Replicant is a smart alternative to traditional call center outsourcing companies. Our solutions have been shown to drastically improve contact center performance. Learn more about Replicant’s contact center and CRM integrations today. Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have.

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