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US Based Call Center vs. Conversational AI

Comparison: US Based Call Center vs. Conversational AI

Serving the needs of customers who call a business is an important way to build long-term, loyal clients who will keep coming back. US based call centers are a common way that many organizations handle customer inquiries, answer questions, and respond to problems. 

According to IBISWorld, more than 32,000 call centers exist in the United States. However, many businesses are turning to conversational AI as another way to manage customer service inquiries. Although both have similar goals, there are significant differences between the two solutions.

What is the difference between call centers and conversational AI?

Call centers – centralized or distributed offices where live representatives answer phone calls from customers who have questions, concerns, or problems. 

Conversational AI – modern technology used to automate contact center conversations over any channel.

How are the two solutions similar?

Contact centers along with conversational AI both are striving to do the same thing; to answer questions and handle inquiries from customers. Both solutions are important parts of any brand and are oftentimes the only interaction a customer has with a company. They are used by businesses that want to deliver excellent service to their customer and prospect audiences. In many cases, organizations may actually use a combination of these solutions to meet this common goal.

What are common US based call center challenges?

Call centers are in the midst of a crisis. Many simply cannot hire or retain enough agents and may try to turn to call center outsourcing options only to find they are having the same labor issues. Gartner reported that only one in three customer service reps are engaged, and disengaged reps are 84 percent more likely to look for a new job. This is a significant human resources problem.

As a result, US based call center solutions that only use live agents are struggling with high hold times and an inability to predict call volumes. As inflation and wages rise and training costs skyrocket, call centers are a growing liability for today’s businesses. In the end, these problems can result in poor customer service and unhappy clients. Bottlenecks in call center customer service have led to a new horizon of contact center innovation ideas, with technology at the forefront. 

How conversational AI can help

Successful call center management can incorporate conversational AI technology to drive contact center automation and dialogue management. Replicant’s Thinking Machine is purpose-built for customer service. This ground-breaking solution shares a single-intent library across every channel, which means customers get a consistent experience and managers gain visibility via a single dashboard.

Using conversational technology makes your US based call center more manageable than ever by resolving Tier One requests over any channel with zero wait times around the clock. It is infinitely scalable, helping to handle fluctuation call volumes effectively. Replicant’s Thinking Machine consistently returns lower average handle times (AHTs) and higher CSAT score than those of live agents.

This performance frees agents to be more available to focus on requests that require creativity and empathy, which increases employee satisfaction and retention rates.

The Most Cost Effective Solution

For the best return on investment, call center outsourcing using AI technology is the recommended solution for US based contact centers. Replicant’s Thinking Machine helps contact centers implement conversational technology as an effective solution to managing fluctuating call volumes as well as eliminating hold times, contributing to high customer satisfaction and increasing revenues. Request a demo to learn more.

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