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Contact Centers Before and After Deploying Replicant

How Contact Center Automation Transforms Customer Service

When done right, customer service can be your brand’s biggest differentiator. But for many of today’s contact centers, there’s simply too many other challenges in play to focus on standing out. 

That’s because modern customer service is built on a delicate balance of having just enough agents to service customers, without so many, that costs skyrocket. And recent challenges are persisting: high agent turnover, call volume spikes, and other unpredictable factors severely disrupt this balance, resulting in long wait times, frustrated customers, and overwhelmed agents.

But for contact centers adopting AI Contact Center Automation as a solution, the game has changed. As a pioneer in Contact Center Automation, Replicant helps companies automate tier-1 customer service conversations with equal or higher CSAT as live agents, while empowering agents to focus on more complex and nuanced challenges. 

With Replicant’s Thinking Machine, consumers can engage in natural conversations across voice, messaging, and other digital channels to resolve their customer support issues. Replicant is not another plug-in or widget meant to make agents incrementally faster at performing tasks. It’s a transformative solution that completely changes how businesses look at their contact center.

Here’s what changes when a contact center uses Replicant. 

⏮ Before: Spikes in customer demand with long wait times and low agent availability

After: 24/7 automated tier-1 resolution, no wait times, and increased agent availability

Contact centers are experiencing unpredictability at every turn. Without automation, customers run into lengthy wait times when they need support most, and agents are stretched thin with one call after another. 

Contact Center Automation changes that. It completely automates high-volume, repetitive requests like order updates, appointment changes, and requests for information with zero wait times. Agents are freed to connect with customers who truly need it and given the breathing room to learn new skills and earn higher wages.

⏮ Before: Distributed workforces with solutions that don’t decrease agent workloads

After: Side-by-side collaboration that optimizes agents’ time 

Today, customer service agents bear as much – or more – of the burden of the contact center crisis as customers. They’re the ones stuck with more work, more demanding customers, and more juggling in a hybrid environment.

For these agents, most of today’s solutions don’t go far enough to help them. They can allow them to serve customers faster or perform less manual data entry, but they can’t actually augment their day-to-day tasks. Replicant’s solution can. It completely changes agent responsibilities, from taking repetitive calls from sun-up to sun-down to focusing on only a handful of important, high-value conversations and making their jobs more engaging. 

⏮ Before: Expensive solutions like outsourcing and answering services that drive higher costs

After: 55% average return in cost savings and rapid deployment in weeks, not months

Contact centers have plenty of traditional options to choose from when they want additional staff or incrementally better answering systems. But few, if any, can show true ROI that lowers costs and increases in value over time. 

With Replicant, contact centers get a solution that begins executing thousands of customer conversations in weeks. That’s because Replicant’s Contact Center Automation solution is purpose-built for customer service and 80% ready to deploy right out of the box. 

After a few short weeks of implementing integrations and customizing conversation scripts for your business, Replicant’s Thinking Machine begins returning massive value when compared to the cost and time of BPOs or deflection tools like IVRs. 

⏮ Before: Outdated planning models that lead to inaccurate agent forecasting

After: Elastic scale and unlimited capacity so contact centers are never stretched thin

Workforce Management (WFM) is the biggest challenge today’s contact centers face. How do you increase your labor pool in the face of record turnover rates? How do you predict how many representatives you’ll need when call volumes can spike at a moment’s notice?

Replicant renders those questions, and more, as completely unnecessary. That’s because it’s elastically scalable. Imagine having a reliable, unlimited source of five-star tier-1 agents who can resolve repetitive requests at any time of day or night. That’s the value Replicant delivers, and the key reason why contact centers who use Replicant are able to completely transform their priorities and WFM strategies. 

⏮ Before: Declining CSAT with higher average handle times and unpredictable customer experiences

After: Improved CSAT, error rate reduction, and half the average handle time of human agents

Contact Center Automation is only as good as its ability to delight customers and protect your brand. Many automation solutions are able to resolve tier-1 requests, but can’t do so without lengthy handle times and frustrating customer experiences. 

With Replicant, brands can rest assured that they’re receiving state-of-the-art conversation designs. Customers can state their requests using any language, dialect, or style of speech and expect the same accurate responses in one second or less, no matter the channel they use. Replicant regularly returns lower AHT’s and higher CSAT scores than those of human agents. 

Learn more about Replicant’s best-in-class conversational AI or how Contact Center Automation is helping customers and contact centers adapt to the new normal.

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