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Conversational AI is No Longer a Black Box

Written by Benjamin Gleitzman, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder at Replicant

We all want to feel seen. It’s an intrinsic human quality, and from this place of knowing and visibility, we build trust. With trust comes the opportunity for learning and meaningful action. 

Artificial Intelligence is often referred to as a “black box” – making decisions without explanation and with little opportunity for transparency, feedback, or growth. These inscrutable systems are unfortunately the most likely to understand some but not others: propagating prejudice and ultimately frustrating those who interact with it.

Today Replicant is expanding our industry-leading Conversational AI Platform to deliver the next generation of visibility, trust, and meaningful action. Now, contact center leaders get hands-on management of all conversations that take place between customers and the Replicant Thinking Machine for complete control and continuous improvement.

It’s an end-to-end command center that gives managers the ability to monitor interactions, analyze and surface insights from conversation data, and take immediate action by updating scripts to create the optimal customer experience across channels – all without needing to retrain agents.

Traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems – in asking callers to dumb themselves down into the world of machines and press 1 for this and 3 for that – are an inherently biased window into customer concerns. Replicant has already broken down these barriers by creating a Thinking Machine that can engage in complex conversations to solve customer support issues.

Now, with instant access to fully transcribed and auto-tagged customer conversations, Replicant gives contact center leaders unbiased insights to understand the voice of your customer.

Replicant gives real-time insights into why customers are contacting support, top performing conversation flows, and frequent escalation issues. By providing visibility – often for the first time – into these key trends, customer support leaders understand why callers are contacting support and build trust in successful outcomes by prioritizing top issues.

Replicant instantly discovers optimal flows through continuous improvement based on insights from analytics. Administrators incorporate learnings and take meaningful action, updating flows with point-and-click script editing to scale your best conversations to every customer while keeping a consistent brand message.

Hear the voice of your customer. Trust your analytics. Take meaningful action and scale your best conversations to every customer with a single click – all with Replicant.

Check out Replicant’s all-new capabilities for more.

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