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Conversational AI vs. Call Center Outsourcing

Five Ways Conversational AI is Better Than Call Center Outsourcing

Utilizing the power of conversational AI is a better way to manage customer service interactions than traditional call center outsourcing. Managing a contact center effectively can be a significant challenge for businesses today. The customer experience is the most important thing to a successful company. The service customers get is a big influence on their experience.

As customer expectations are getting higher every moment, Conversational AI and machine learning are ways that companies can meet those rising expectations. Using technology is often much better than classic call center outsourcing solutions.

What is call center outsourcing?

Call center outsourcing is the process of hiring an outside, third-party company to either answer or place customer service calls. Such vendors are often located offshore to reduce costs and frequently serve multiple businesses. Many offer services in several languages. 

What are the benefits of conversational AI for call centers?

Conversational AI offers elasticity, which allows businesses to automatically scale usage up or down as needed on a day-to-day basis. Organizations no longer need to pay for services they don’t require all the time, resulting in a cost-effective way to manage a contact center. This digital chatbot workforce can be trained once with no turnover concerns. See how Replicant Voice works.

The Five Ways

Here are the top five ways that conversational AI works better than call center outsourcing:

  1. Elastic Customer Service. Conversational AI allows customer service capacity to automatically scale up and down with demand, meeting needs during peak times while not overcharging during slower periods. Organizations are essentially only paying for what they require, no more and no less.
  2. Faster, Better Resolutions. By reducing the average handle time of each call, first-contact resolution is improved, providing an improved customer experience that feels more natural and human-like. This means that basic questions and requests are addressed immediately while machine learning technology routes more difficult questions to the right level of expertise within the organization.
  3. Lower Costs. Compared with hiring full-time agents or engaging an outsourced contact center, conversational AI is much less expensive. Once the system is established, it can continue to “learn” from questions and responses, improving its performance over time.
  4. Multi-Language Service. With the global nature of today’s market, businesses will want an easy way to add customer service in multiple languages. A recent report shows there are five key languages that are most often used around the globe including English, Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, and French. Diversity in language is more easily offered by technology vs. call center outsourcing.
  5. More Control. The average call center has human turnover rates at 30 percent and 45 percent, the highest of any industry. Since conversational AI is an automated solution, your organization only needs to “train” the system once. Your business can easily remain in control of your contact center while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Easily eliminate the need for constant hiring and training of new representatives.

Replicant’s Solution

Replicant’s Thinking Machine features natural language processing so that it can detect multiple customer intents, helping your company quickly resolve customer issues. Learn more about our call center conversational AI technology and how we can serve the needs of your contact center. 

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