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Customer Experience Automation – Why Companies Prefer Technology

Automation technology and live agents. It’s easy to see why this has historically been a love-hate relationship. When automation first entered the business world, there was a great deal of fear of job loss throughout many industries. Yet as more automation solutions were introduced, it became clear that these solutions took over the most repetitive and mundane tasks, freeing human beings to do more challenging, higher level, and fulfilling work.

Customer experience automation solutions are bringing those benefits to contact centers today, and businesses are expressing high levels of satisfaction with these technologies. Let’s explore the reasons why companies prefer technology over live agents in some circumstances while appreciating how they work in tandem in others.

What is customer experience automation?

Customer experience automation is the process of using technology to handle Tier One customer inquiries over any channel. This customer service automation takes place with zero wait time, no live agent interaction, and simultaneously for an unlimited number of calls. If a live agent is required, the call is transferred efficiently with a full set of contact notes.

How does automation improve customer experience?

The right automation technology delivers what customers want: to have their questions or problems addressed correctly, immediately, and efficiently. Using solutions like conversational AI results in equal or higher customer satisfaction ratings when compared with service delivered by live agents. Read more about contact center automation and the improvements it makes.

How does customer service automation benefit the company?

Besides reducing costs of hiring and training live agents and unlimited scalability, customer experience automation can help make a company more competitive in today’s tight labor market.

In fact, Gartner reports that only one in three customer service representatives are engaged in their jobs. This can result in “poor customer outcomes and economic cost, especially as disengaged and neutral workers make up two-thirds of the workforce.”

Automation can help re-engage live agents, eliminating the need for them to answer the same questions over and over again. They can focus their energy on inquiries that are more complex and require empathy that only a human being can offer.

Automation technology at work

One of Replicant’s customers is a leading food delivery company that relied on an app and a manual process of placing orders that were driven by call centers. However, when live agents were at capacity, which occurred often during mealtimes, customer orders were often delayed or canceled.

Replicant’s conversational AI solution allowed them to put automation technology to work. They were able to rapidly fulfill customer orders during these spikes as quickly and efficiently as live agents. As a result, customers no longer had orders canceled or delayed, resulting in positive revenue and reviews for the company.

Which industries benefit most from automating the customer experience?

Companies that function in industries experiencing a high volume of customer service calls will benefit most from AI-driven customer experience automation. Contact centers are well-suited for automation when a large percentage of customer calls, texts, or chat messages are repetitive. 

Inquiries such as:

  • appointment scheduling, 
  • order status inquiries, 
  • or account balance requests are easy to automate.

For example, 

  • travel and hospitality businesses can automate reservation initiation and changes, 
  • retail and eCommerce companies can manage order status requests, 
  • financial services may automate balance or transaction inquiries,
  • and healthcare companies can handle appointment scheduling and cancellations automatically. 

Try Replicant

If a high volume of repetitive calls comes into your company on a regular basis, your organization could benefit from customer experience automation. To learn more about Replicant’s conversational AI technology, request a demo now.

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