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Customer Service Call Center: 5 Tips to Improve CX

The number one way many businesses communicate with their customers is through their contact center. A successful customer service call center must optimize every interaction to offer a superior experience. Happy customers will keep returning to your business and refer friends and family. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true; bad service leads to reputation damage.

When customers call your contact center, they usually have a question, problem, or inquiry. Conversational AI solutions eliminate wait time by immediately answering every call, regardless of volume. That means customers can reach your organization even during peak periods. You can use AI to improve customer experience by ensuring that your selected automation technology can understand natural language and resolve the majority of Tier One questions without transferring to a live agent.

In addition, a customer service call center should be able to transfer more complex inquiries to a live agent with a complete set of conversation notes, eliminating the need for customers to repeat basic information multiple times.

How AI Improves Customer Experience

Using a solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI) can greatly improve customer service in a call center. Today’s fully automated AI solutions differ from the chatbots of the past – which did not use artificial intelligence at all. Instead, they simply offered access to a frequently asked questions (FAQ) database. 

According to Forbes, 80 percent of customers consider speed and convenience most important for good service. Current AI powered solutions are capable of:

  • detecting multiple customer intents 
  • handling the vast majority of repetitive, commonly asked questions
  • and eliminating wait times.

Simple inquiries like account changes, order status, contact information updates, or reservation or appointment requests can be fully resolved with AI. Organizations can deliver real-time service, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Five Tips to Help Improve CX

Here are 5 tips to help you improve CX in your customer service call center:

  1. Don’t keep customers waiting. Customers hate being on hold so much that the Wall Street Journal recently published an article on hacks to get to a real person. Selecting a conversational AI solution like Replicant scales infinitely so customers never need to wait, even during peak volumes.
  2. Don’t make customers think like a computer. When people have a question, they don’t want to play guessing games on how to best say or type a question so it gets answered. Be sure your solution uses natural language processing to understand natural human speech.
  3. Find a multimodal solution. If a customer is on the phone, be sure your system is integrated to accept sensitive information by text if necessary. If all channels are connected for each interaction, the resolution will be more complete, timely, and accurate.
  4. Accept diverse callers. Be sure your system can understand accents and different languages and block any noise from the caller’s end.
  5. Be available around the clock. Customers have questions at all hours and every day of the year. Be sure your conversational AI system is up and running, ready to serve as soon as customers call.

More About Replicant

Learn more now. Calculate the call center automation ROI you could receive with Replicant’s solutions. Then, schedule a live demo. Our team is dedicated to helping your customer service call center save money, improve agent and customer satisfaction, and affordably deal with overflow and peak customer calls.

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