Does Contact Center AI Really Work?

AI Customer Support – Does Contact Center AI Really Work?

Contact center AI is just one segment where artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly infiltrating our lives. While some leaders remain skeptical about its effectiveness, a study by Fortune indicates that businesses, by refusing to take advantage of this powerful tool, severely cripple themselves and impair future growth and success.

“The sooner business leaders across all industries understand and take advantage of what AI and data have to offer, the quicker they will reap the rewards,” the article concludes. 

But what does this mean for successful call center management? While AI provides numerous benefits in many areas of business, artificial intelligence in call centers is particularly effective. When AI assists customer service, results are incredible. 

AI Versus Traditional Bots

Traditional, rule-based bots are based on pre-programmed responses and can’t understand context or intent. On the other hand, intelligent virtual agents (IVA) use AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to interact with customers, answer questions, and resolve issues. IVAs solve the customer service problems bots used to run into by using vast amounts of data to provide personalized service. 

Customer support solutions like Replicant’s are now just as productive as live agents. Contact center AI uses automation to manage conversations without hold times. Instead of being forced to use a keypad or keywords to communicate, customers are able to speak normally. Finally, IVAs constantly collect information, “learning” from past conversations to improve client management in the future. 

Effects of Introducing AI

“The AI market remains in an evolutionary state,” states an article by Gartner. This may be one of the reasons some companies are hesitant about implementing AI-based customer support solutions. As a result, it’s beneficial to look at exactly how implementing AI has impacted real businesses and customers. 

Adding AI to existing call center solutions has been shown to decrease operational costs by 59 percent. Additionally, 75 percent of consumers spend more money on companies that use AI. Juniper Research predicts that AI is expected to save businesses up to $8 billion per year.

When call centers start using contact center AI, agents will be able to hand over their more mundane tasks to automation, and efficiency and profits will increase. At the same time, customer satisfaction will skyrocket. By augmenting live agents with AI-based automation, companies will see faster service times, reduced costs, and improved client management.

Does AI Customer Support Really Work?

In short, yes. With minimal training data, contact center AI is able to ramp from zero to 30,000 conversations per day in six weeks. It regularly achieves a 90 percent success rate in resolutions without escalations. Even in situations where conversations need to be handed over to a live agent, AI saves time by gathering information and making it accessible to the agent. 

AI allows companies to offer the efficient and responsive support their customers are looking for, with quick, accurate help and eliminated hold times. Customer service teams also appreciate the increased efficiency, accuracy, and satisfaction AI brings. 

Replicant’s Contact Center AI Solution

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