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How an AI Call Center Can Outperform a Traditional Contact Center

When it comes to technology, every business wants to understand how it will approve processes, reduce costs, or increase revenue. That’s understandable as any technology will require an investment in not only the technology itself but also in human resources and training. Today’s AI call center technology is sophisticated enough to significantly outperform a traditional call center in many ways.

An AI call center is not meant to completely replace live customer service representatives. Instead, it is designed to support and assist those customer service representatives with the most repetitive, mundane tasks. Conversational AI technology helps businesses expand their capacity to handle customer inquiries and questions while providing human agents with more challenging and fulfilling work.

How does AI work in a call center?

AI call center technology handles Tier One repetitive customer questions and inquiries automatically with zero hold time for customers and no live agent resources required. The AI uses natural language processing technology and understands customer intent automatically, pulling answers and data from a prepared library of answers and information. This technology can be used to either manage phone-based calls or through an AI chatbot.

What is an AI chatbot?

AI chatbots are automated software tools that many websites use today to answer frequently asked questions through an instant messaging platform. When a customer types a question, the AI chatbot searches through FAQs to provide the most likely answer. More sophisticated AI chatbots can access customer accounts and other databases to provide more specific data as well.

How does an AI call center perform compared to a traditional call center?

When it comes to handling Tier One customer inquiries, an AI customer service system far outperforms live-agent-only call centers. Autonomous AI can handle repetitive calls and AI chatbot messages simultaneously, which means unlimited scaling for peak periods or seasonal demand. In addition, it can continuously learn from every interaction, providing continuous improvement that is simply not possible in a traditional contact center.

What are the benefits for live agents?

While some customer service agents may feel threatened by AI technology, the reality is that it can really help offload the mundane calls they dislike the most. No one likes being bored at work; in fact, according to Forbes, nearly half of all employees are bored in their jobs.

One major aspect of boredom for human agents is the number of repetitive calls. McKinsey reports that many customers themselves are repeat callers, and the questions they ask are often the same as many other inquiries. Instead, these inquiries can be handled by AI through either a phone call or AI chatbot on your website. 

Automating the repetitive calls and offering an AI chatbot messaging option can free up agents to handle those customer interactions that require more human empathy and intelligence to resolve. Agents can feel more valued and needed by customers that really need to talk with a person to answer a complicated issue or fix an unusual problem.

This, in turn, can mean higher retention, lower turnover, and more satisfied agents for the organization as a whole, which will ultimately decrease recruiting and training costs.

Conversational AI handles unexpected volume increases

One area in particular where AI can outperform live agents occurs during unexpected volume increases. While seasonal demand or higher call volumes due to a planned product release may be managed by hiring and training months in advance, this cannot happen as easily with unplanned situations such as inclement weather.

For example, a leading auto insurance group was able to handle an unexpected spike in roadside assistance requests during a major storm using Replicant’s automation solution. Since conversational AI and machine learning are designed to resolve customer issues naturally and consistently across languages, channels, and request types simultaneously, customers received immediate assistance, speeding up roadside help in difficult situations.

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