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How to Use Contact Center Automation to Scale Your Business

Having more of something – especially in the business world – is a double-edged sword. More orders for a new product can be exciting if production lines can meet demand. More inquiries for a lucrative service can skyrocket revenue if the sales team follows up quickly enough. And more calls to your omnichannel call center can mean greater engagement if your representatives can respond in a timely and helpful manner.

Contact center automation is an effective tool to help your omnichannel call center meet that demand and scale your business as quickly as it’s able to grow.

What is contact center automation?

Contact center automation means engaging a software solution that can handle those repetitive questions and requests without human intervention. Basic inquiries and frequently asked questions can be addressed with zero wait time, simultaneously and, most importantly, automatically. Additionally, it offers seamless omnichannel call center services via voice, text, and messaging.

How can contact center automation help scale your business?

Contact center operations that use conversational AI solutions can help you scale your business because an unlimited call volume can be handled. Unlike human agents or business process outsourcing solutions, there is no need to train additional agents to handle growth. Tier One calls can be handled simultaneously, no matter how many come in at one time.

How to determine what automation will best scale in your contact center?

In order to determine how to scale a contact center with AI, it’s important to select a solution that has proven results. A conversational AI platform that can handle natural language processing and correctly interpret multiple customer intents should be used. In addition, your solution should be pre-trained on common customer service inquiries while having the ability to continuously “learn” about your specific business and industry.

How do contact center and robotic process automation work and how do they scale?

Some of the best call center optimization strategies involve contact center and robotic process automation. They utilize a collaborative platform for a seamless, omnichannel call center. Instead of training individuals to handle basic inquiries such as account updates, order status, or information-based questions, an automated solution can be easily programmed to manage those with zero wait time.

What does contact center automation mean for the bottom line?

Contact center performance will immediately improve with automation solutions as the same number of live agents will suddenly be able to handle a much higher volume of calls. As Tier-One calls are automatically answered through the conversational AI tool with zero wait time, the overall volume of calls decreases for your live agents, giving them fewer but more interesting calls to manage.

The return on investment is instantaneous because more customers have their needs met, which means greater loyalty, more repeat purchases, and positive referrals, all of which impact the bottom line.

According to a benchmark report published by Replicant, 95 percent of leaders have already implemented contact center automation or plan to within the next year with nearly three-fourths believing that the solution will reduce costs by at least 25 percent.

Gartner concurs, reporting that overall robotic process automation spending is expected to reach $2.9 billion this year, which is a 19.5 percent increase from 2021. Contact center automation is expected to be a piece of that spending geared toward establishing greater call center efficiency and more automated omnichannel call center workflows.

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