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How Voice AI is Transforming Customer Service for Retail Companies

Retail companies need to remain agile so they can meet the ever-changing expectations of customers. This was especially true when COVID-19 hit. The pandemic exposed the weaknesses of the traditional call center and customer service experience for not just brick and mortar stores, but also e-commerce. To ensure retailers are delivering the best customer service experience possible at all times, they need to evaluate their strategies and embrace the latest technologies. In particular, voice AI is enabling retail companies to offer customers a quick and efficient resolution.

Let’s take a closer look at how voice AI is shaping customers’ retail experience.

24/7 Immediate Customer Service

When customers want support, they want it now. Fifty-one percent of consumers believe businesses need to be available 24/7, and 83% of consumers want to interact immediately with someone when they contact a company. Instead of staffing or outsourcing to meet this demand, retail companies that implement voice AI will always have a first line of defense for customer inquiries. No matter what time or day a customer calls, voice AI will answer the call immediately.

Automated and Quick Resolution of Tier-1 Issues

Voice AI can fully resolve Tier-1 issues, such as:

  • Provide order updates
  • Process returns
  • Advise on the nearest store location
  • Send a return label via SMS
  • Answer balance inquiries
  • Explain product features

Since customers don’t have to wait on hold, they get an immediate solution to their question or problem. At the same time, this frees up human agents to focus on more complex work or emotionally sensitive issues.

Incorporating voice AI into self-service options also vastly improves the customer experience by reducing the average handle time. Boston Consulting Group found 45% of call time is “dead air.” This is time when a human agent is searching for information, the customer is on hold, or the customer is waiting to be transferred. By integrating with CRMs, voice AI can pull customer information instantly and even update records, which helps cut call times in half.

Consistent Customer Experience

Lastly, retailers need to remain agile, resilient, and responsive to customers’ needs, whenever and wherever they need support. This requires retailers to improve efficiencies and response times across every customer service channel, including the phone.

According to Salesforce’s State of Service report, 76% of consumers expect “consistent interactions” when it comes to customer service. However, 53% of consumers felt that a company’s various departments, such as sales, marketing, and customer service, don’t share information cross-functionally. Customers repeat their issue over and over, creating frustration and negatively impacting customer loyalty.

Voice AI seamlessly integrates with other systems and channels, including CRMs, ticketing software, SMS, and web. It can automatically provide agents with a summary of the call when customers are transferred to an agent. And customers no longer have to repeat themselves, since the agent is equipped to pick up right where the customer left off with the AI technology.

Voice AI can even trigger text messages or send customers web pages and forms, so customers can provide and access information through the easiest method possible. By synchronizing interactions between online shopping, text messaging, voice calls, and other channels, retailers can better serve their customers in a cohesive and consistent manner.

Both online and brick-and-mortar retail companies benefit from adopting voice AI. They can provide their shoppers with faster resolutions that don’t sacrifice on quality. Customer service call centers that are augmented by voice AI not only guarantee 24/7 service, but also create a consistent and personalized customer experience. When combined, these improvements increase customer satisfaction and help retailers create loyal, happy shoppers.

Learn how retail and e-commerce companies are using Replicant Voice AI to automatically resolve Tier-1 issues, provide personalized service, and upsell customers.

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