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Innovative Customer Service & Conversational AI

Innovative Customer Service: How to Leverage Conversational AI

Innovative customer service is what sets businesses apart. Every company strives for providing an excellent customer experience. As consumers, we all expect high levels of service in our world of immediate gratification.

However in reality, providing innovative customer service can be a significant challenge. Top customer service challenges include:

  • the current labor shortage (with more than 65,000 call center jobs open),
  • ebbs and flows in call center traffic, and
  • the complexity of the organization itself.

Artificial intelligence technology has developed to a point where it can be leveraged as an innovative customer service solution. Using natural language processing, customers can ask a question as if they were talking to a human being. The best conversational AI solution will process the question and answer it correctly.

Replicant’s Thinking Machine can process different customer intents and questions more easily than other solutions. The longer it is a part of your call center, the more it “learns” what type of questions and requests come in. It teaches itself how to process questions better and respond to them in the best way.

What is excellent customer service?

The goal of excellent customer service is simple: eliminate hold times and resolve issues quickly. However, getting there can be a little more difficult. Conversational AI can help you move in the right direction and reduce handling times. Simple questions can be answered automatically, 24/7, while complex requests can be rapidly routed to the right person.

How does artificial intelligence improve customer service?

Artificial intelligence that uses natural language processing allows customers to speak naturally. It eliminates the need to repeat the same information. As the system “learns” typical caller requests, it will be able to answer more and more questions automatically, resolving customer service challenges with zero hold times.

The Importance of Data

Innovative customer service starts with data and, in the case of contact centers, that data comes from customer questions, requests, and conversations. Each customer conversation holds valuable information about what clients are most confused or concerned about, providing you with important nuggets of information to improve not only your call center but your entire product or service line.

Conversational AI can transcribe every conversation and automatically surface insights to show what your customers are asking, what trends are arising, and what your contact center must do to serve customers better.

The Importance of Time

Time is such a valued commodity for both your organization’s call center as well as for your customers who are reaching out. According to MarketWatch, the average American will spend  43 days on hold throughout their lifetime. 

AI technolgy is an innovative way to eliminate hold times. By automating all your Tier One requests, you can respond to common questions and inquiries quickly and efficiently, saving your customers and representatives valuable time. In addition, your agents will be free to focus their attention on more complex calls that will also be more interesting and challenging to address.

Some organizations falsely believe that the best way to find the right conversational AI solution is to create a customized one. However, this technology can be challenging to develop and maintain. Rely instead on a third-party partner who specializes in it.

Phone Calls Still Popular

Despite the growing popularity of text messaging, webchats, and other online communication methods, many people still prefer interacting by phone with customer service representatives. A recent report by indicates that the majority of people still prefer voice contact for customer service requests.

AI technology is getting so human-like that it’s more and more difficult to decipher whether you are speaking with a computer or a person. Customers are willing to interact with a computerized system if that means reduced wait times and expedient answers.

Replicant’s Customer Service Solution

Replicant’sThinking Machine is a natural-language customer service solution. It was created to detect multiple customer intents and quickly resolve consumer issues. Businesses that employ this innovative customer service technology find it easy to scale up or down quickly. See how conversational AI can help your company grow.

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