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Replicant’s Call Center Workforce Optimization Explained

The idea of contact center optimization is often no longer a differentiator but, instead, has become table stakes. Customers do not have the patience to sit on hold, repeat their requests multiple times, or even call during specific hours. Instead, they expect call centers to ensure that they get the answers they need and return to their lives as quickly as possible.

As a result of these heightened customer expectations, companies have been turning to call center workforce optimization (WFO) software like Replicant’s Thinking Machine. Our WFO software is designed to automate Tier One customer inquiries and questions, properly route complex calls to the correct live agents, and streamline communications between all channels.

What is call center workforce optimization?

Call center workforce optimization is a management strategy that includes contact center automation. This strategy ensures customers can quickly resolve their questions and problems. It also helps companies reduce budgets while increasing ROI. 

How do workforce optimization solutions in a call center work?

Solutions like our Thinking Machine use conversational AI technology. Customer support departments are able to resolve Tier One customer questions with zero hold time and no human interaction. Now overwhelmed live agents are freed up to manage higher-level work and calls that require human empathy.

How Replicant’s solution works

The Thinking Machine relieves customer service representatives from the most frequent, repetitive inquiries. Customers can automate their highest volume conversation threads, such as frequently asked questions or basic account information retrieval. Live agents focus on complex questions and problems.

Optimizing your workforce leads to both higher agent satisfaction and increased customer satisfaction. According to an article by Gartner, only one in three agents is engaged, leading to higher potential attrition. WFO can boost that engagement by providing more engaging jobs. Agents have time to add new skills like conversation analysis. Professional development and earning career-boosting certifications can replace hours of answering repetitive questions. Customers are happier because they can get their questions and problems addressed immediately.

Many organizations face seasonal or periodic spikes in call volume. These spikes often require them to hire and train temporary agents or use an offshore business process outsourcing (BPO) solution. Contact center automation can immediately scale as those call volumes change, eliminating the need to find and train new agents or pay for BPO that may or may not be required in a given season. This can result in significant cost savings.

Finally, using AI in customer support can mean a whole new level of data and analytics. As Forrester reported, “call centers will become a treasure trove of customer insight.” Replicant’s Thinking Machine can analyze conversation transcripts for every customer interaction across every channel and present this data in a single dashboard. That convenience makes it easy for contact center managers to obtain and study the data needed to drive operational excellence and make ongoing improvements.

What are the bottom line results?

Our customers are frequently very satisfied with our solution, citing high and rising resolution rates and customer satisfaction scores while decreasing escalation rates. In fact, Replicant’s call center workforce optimization solution often returns CSAT scores as high as live agent scores. 

Kelsey Holshouser, vice president of customer experience at Because, summed up the company’s experience, “Consistency within the customer experience is an extremely high priority for us at Because. We decided to double down on Replicant across channels because we know that by leveraging their technology, our customers will always receive the same excellent level of service, regardless of which channel they prefer.”

Try Replicant

To join Because and our other hundreds of satisfied clients, reach out to us today. Our contact center automation solution can help you achieve your call center workforce optimization goals.

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