Talk, Text or Type: Transform Your Contact Center With Replicant

Contact Center Automation is Revamping Customer Service

Customers expect great service no matter what their request is, or how they reach out.

According to Salesforce, 75% of consumers look forward to a consistent experience across multiple engagement channels – social media, mobile, online, in-person, or through the phone. 73% will likely change brands if they don’t get it.

For contact centers who are exploring automation solutions, this means omnichannel capabilities and consistent experiences must be leading priorities for their short and long-term customer service strategies. With Replicant, contact center leaders can leverage a single conversation engine to resolve customer issues across every channel without compromising the customer or agent experience. 

This means they can deploy and scale automation faster, while giving their customers a consistent experience, across languages and channels. For contact centers who have spent years using disparate vendors to automate each standalone channel, this is significant. 

How this benefits contact centers

Resolve customer issues naturally across channels

Power your voice and messaging channels with a single conversation engine that leverages a shared intent library to deploy and scale conversational AI faster across languages and channels for every conversation flow. In other words, start fully automating your most common customer service requests, with a single vendor. 

Give customers a consistent experience across channels

With Replicant, contact centers can resolve issues naturally when and where your customers need it most with seamless channel switching across voice, messaging, and other digital channels. Contact Center Automation can share conversational context across channels, so that customers don’t need to repeat themselves when they switch from SMS, to voice, or vice versa. Contact centers can use customizable FlexForms to easily switch from voice to SMS and collect information faster. And with channel-specific NLU, customers get accuracy for understanding communication like emojis and misspellings in text.

Visualize conversations across channels in a single dashboard 

Contact center managers don’t just need holistic automation options – they need a solution for disparate data sources per channel. Replicant omnichannel automation allows leaders to view conversation transcripts for every customer interaction, across all channels, in a single dashboard. With every conversation, our Thinking Machine automatically generates transcripts and makes them available for live monitoring within a single dashboard. Managers can quickly find actionable insights into omnichannel conversations with advanced analytics, and take action to optimize customer experiences.  

Handoff escalations seamlessly to live agents 

Omnichannel automation is only as good as its ability to relieve agents from repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Replicant integrates seamlessly with live agent platforms to handoff complex issues that require human empathy without losing customer context. This benefits both agents and customers: agents get full context into every escalation using their existing platforms, no matter the channel, and customers receive a unified experience. And with API integrations to all existing data systems, Replicant can leverage customer data stores for a personalized experience across channels.

Experience Contact Center Automation

As a leader in Contact Center Automation, Replicant helps companies automate their most common customer service calls while empowering agents to focus on more complex and nuanced customer challenges. 

Our omnichannel platform allows consumers to engage in natural conversations across voice, messaging and other digital channels to resolve their customer support issues. Contact centers can scale up or down instantly and handle millions of customer support interactions a month. Replicant can be implemented in weeks and seamlessly integrates with existing agent workflows and contact center and CRM software to automatically escalate issues, create cases, log summary notes, and resolve tickets. 

Read the full press release or download the guide for more information on our omnichannel features. Replicant expands Contact Center Automation solution to every channel.

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