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The Benefits of an Omnichannel Call Center

In the last three years, the world has been impacted by the pandemic, a labor shortage, and economic instability. The customer service industry is one of the areas that has been hit the hardest. The pandemic created customers that have come to expect a lot as consumers. Companies are now taking advantage of this impact by implementing omnichannel and AI-based customer service solutions.

It might be easy to dismiss customer service technology if you think your business doesn’t have the resources to boost CX. But what you may not realize is that certain contact center technologies don’t require additional agents, hardware, or training. Replicant uses AI to create an efficient omnichannel call center that results in an improved customer experience, happier employees, and contributes to overall business success – without huge costs. Calculate your contact center automation ROI using our AI solution.

What is an Omnichannel Call Center?

In an Omnichannel call center, customers can communicate with a company through a variety of channels, including phone calls, texts, chat boxes, emails, and social media. Customers can contact the company using any device and at any time in the way that feels most comfortable for them. All these communication methods can be seamlessly connected through cloud-based contact center solutions with omnichannel software. 

For example, customers struggling with ongoing issues are able to use different methods of communication without losing the history of their previous calls, emails, and texts. When agents take up issues that have already been discussed in an email, with a bot, or with another agent, they’ll be provided with the customer’s information and communication up to that point. 

As a result, customers won’t have to deal with the annoyance of having to constantly repeat their account number or email address to different agents at different times. They also won’t waste their own time or the agent’s time repeatedly explaining the problem.

What is the Value of Omnichannel?

The real value of an omnichannel call center is in the improvement of customer service – which leads to happier customers who are more likely to remain loyal to your brand. According to Salesforce, the lack of a consistent customer experience across multiple engagement channels could be a dealbreaker for 73% of consumers. 

Simply put, omnichannel capabilities play a crucial role in improving the customer experience because consumers are provided with a great experience. With Replicant, you can resolve customer issues across all channels using a single conversation engine.

How Does Omnichannel Improve Customer Experience?

Customers are used to having the internet at their fingertips all day every day. They can communicate with family and friends, browse social media, or check the weather instantaneously. And the pandemic fast-forwarded the ever-developing technology of our time. 

According to Forbes, businesses responded quickly to their consumers’ changing needs during COVID. This improvement in customer service was a silver lining to the pandemic. But because customer service did improve, customers continue to expect high-quality customer service from the brands they purchase from. Whether they need help updating their account information, have a question regarding the product they purchased, or have a problem with a product, customers are easily put off by long wait times, confused representatives, or even limited single-channel support.

An omnichannel call center, on the other hand, allows customers more flexibility without creating the chaos of multiple conversation histories across various communication channels. Moreover, AI-based customer service makes customer service agents’ jobs easier through the use of intelligent routing and natural language processing technologies so they can focus on more important tasks.

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