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The Best Contact Center Solutions Explained

For something to be dubbed “the best,” a user’s expectations should not just be met. Expectations should be exceeded in ways that haven’t even been anticipated. The best contact center solutions are no different. Today, it’s not enough to simply respond to customer requests, even if it’s done in a timely and accurate manner.

Now, contact centers must do a whole lot more. For example, if a complex call needs to be escalated to a live agent, the solution should be able to collect all relevant information and customer data. Then, it should forward a complete conversation to the agent so that the human representative can only deal with the portions of the call that require empathy, critical thinking, and the human touch.

Data from every channel should be seamlessly integrated into the correct customer files. This way, future communications are even more targeted and personal. The call center software should provide regular analytic information so that the contact center can constantly improve its scripts and performance.

Characteristics of the best contact center solutions

The best contact center solutions ideally resolve common, repetitive Tier One customer inquiries and questions with zero wait time and no human interactions. Complex inquiries should be seamlessly forwarded to live agents with a complete record so the customer does not need to repeat any information already provided. Data and analytics should facilitate continuous improvement in the best customer service automation solutions.

What are the benefits of call center software?

Contact center software solutions should benefit both the business operating the call center, the customer representatives working there, and, most importantly, the customers seeking assistance.

Call center software is more effective and efficient than other solutions such as offshore outsourcing or interactive voice response (IVR) systems. Automation is much less expensive than hiring and training additional live agents. 

The best contact center solutions should also manage all mundane, repetitive inquiries such as account balances, appointment scheduling, or order tracking. This removes a significant workload from live agents who can become discouraged at answering the same questions over and over again. Instead, representatives can apply their skills and expertise to resolve complex problems that require human interaction.

Providing outstanding customer assistance is a significant issue for call centers.  According to Emolument, customer support is the third most boring vocation, with 71 percent of staff reporting they feel bored at work. Another study by CV-Library found that customer service workers are bored because they do the same tedious thing every day.

Using automated technology, customers receive answers to their questions more quickly and efficiently, usually with no wait time, multiple transfers, or requests to repeat basic contact information. This leads to a better customer experience, greater loyalty, and more revenue for the business itself.

The best contact center solutions in action

Companies that use Replicant’s Thinking Machine, one of the best contact center solutions on the market today, reap the benefits of contact center AI solutions.  Here’s how it works:

  • A customer calls, texts, or chats with a business about a question or problem.
  • The Thinking Machine picks up the call immediately and determines whether it can resolve the issue within seconds.
  • If the call is complex, the software collects relevant customer information and seamlessly hands off the request to the correct live agent with a full set of conversational notes.
  • For Tier One requests, the necessary information is collected through the customer’s preferred channel and provides an accurate answer or satisfactory resolution.
  • The Thinking Machine then requests customer feedback and automatically transcribes and inputs all the data into appropriate contact center systems for easier analysis and retrievability in the future.

Standing Above the Rest

Replicant’s Thinking Machine boasts a best-in-class conversational AI engine that can: 

  • respond to customers in less than one second, 
  • understand multiple languages, 
  • automatically transcribe and search conversations, 
  • and scale with customer demand in real-time.

Our contact center solutions can be easily integrated into every major call center system. Industry-standard security and privacy protocols are built in, needing little or no IT support. To learn more about customer service automation, request a demo now.

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