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The Best Customer Service AI Solution

The Best Customer Service AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) and interactive voice response (IVR) is changing the way that businesses are approaching customer service. The best customer service AI solutions are answering calls faster, responding to requests quicker, and offering an enhanced customer experience.

Call center customer service is an invaluable part of a successful business. It is frequently one of the top ways customers evaluate the company’s performance. According to Forbes, “The customer support call is one of the most important customer and employee interactions in nearly all companies and yet it is one most often characterized by mutual distrust and dissatisfaction. This needs to change.”

In order to change, call centers must embrace new technologies that:

  • reduce wait times, 
  • scale more efficiently, 
  • answer Tier One calls immediately, and 
  • route complex inquiries in a manner that does not require the caller to repeat questions and information.

The future of customer service hinges on being able to deliver call resolution more quickly, correctly, and accurately than ever before. Conversational IVR is a great solution.

What is call center outsourcing?

A wide number of businesses run inbound or outbound call centers to connect with customers and prospects. Call center outsourcing is a strategy that leverages a third-party company to manage a specific group of calls. These are traditionally located offshore, but some are moving back to the U.S. This may include peak volumes, overflows, or even all inbound service inquiries.

What are the benefits of customer service AI for call centers?

Conversational customer service AI moves beyond typical interactive voice response, chatbots or robo-calling technologies by fully resolving customer service calls without the assistance of live agents, particularly with Tier One calls. Companies can quickly and easily scale conversational AI as needed, and service is provided around the clock with no wait times.

How does customer service AI reduce frustration for callers?

Customer service AI that uses conversational IVR is the only machine learning solution that speaks to customers naturally, quickly and aims to fully resolve issues–not just deflect or re-route customers to self-help resources. Callers no longer have to come up with the correct keywords to effectively communicate with an automated system. In addition, customers do not have to repeat themselves multiple times in order to get the answers and resolutions they need. All of these enhancements lead to positive call center customer service experiences. 

What happens after the call completion?

Customer service AI solutions from Replicant provide deep, granular insights into customer conversation data after every call. This means that the solution “learns” over time and can provide the contact center with the details that can help it improve its call flow and overall service. The more it learns, the better it works. It can even reveal unsupported flows in your contact center and allow you to instantly edit scripts to improve them. 

Replicant’s solution can also intelligently handoff escalations with auto-generated authentication and call summaries to help agents. Conversational AI gets smarter with every call and Replicant’s solution is custom-built for call center customer service, which means little customization is needed for the most common use cases.

Replicant’s Solution

Replicant has a conversational IVR solution that works. Our system understands natural language processing and customer intent, improves and learns over time, and can be a valuable addition to your organization. Get started now.

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