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The Call Center Technology Top Call Centers Use

Call Center Technology Top Call Centers Use Includes AI

Call center technology at its essence is all about making life easier and more efficient. Both of these benefits are certainly needed in today’s call centers.

According to TTEC, contact center industry trends are focused this year on creating efficiency and cost-savings while at the same time improving customer and employee experiences. To accomplish these goals, various technology innovations such as remote workforces, intelligent automation, and cloud infrastructure will be required.

An article by industry analyst Gartner noted that 54 percent of customer service and support leaders believe that growing the business is the top priority for 2022, compared to operational excellence and cost optimization. Technology innovations play a significant role in fueling that growth.

What call center technology do many companies use?

Call center technology is growing more sophisticated each day. In general, they may leverage Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), a telephony provider, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, and contact center automation offerings–or some combination of all these technologies–to improve customer service and agent experience.

Persistent and Growing Challenges

As an industry, contact centers have always faced difficult and unique challenges. The economics of contact centers have always been built on a delicate balance of employing enough agents to deliver quality service to customers without having so many unoccupied representatives that costs skyrocket.

This is a difficult balance to strike in a healthy and stable labor market. The current employee shortage, along with high agent turnover rates and unpredictable call volumes, has magnified this crisis. The result has been growing hold times and higher frustration levels for customers.

Call Center Technology That Can Help

Contact Center Automation is an emerging category in the industry that allows businesses to completely automate Tier One questions and inquiries. This, in turn, frees and empowers agents to focus on more complex and nuanced customer challenges and higher level client management tasks.

This hybrid approach to customer support solutions helps companies resolve as many customer service requests as possible through automation. It also adheres to the customer preferred channel of communication, whether that be voice, chat, text, or email. This not only increases engagement but also boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Bottom Line Results

Call center technology can resolve thousands of concurrent customer requests. Studies show this can be done with lower average handle times (AHT) and higher customer satisfaction  (CSAT), even when compared with live agents.

Using customer support solutions such as Replicant’s Thinking Machine makes it easy for companies to design and test flows with low-code, drag-and-drop conversation components. In our solution, these are called Replicant Powers, which come pre-built and designed with best practices in mind.

Replicant integrations work out-of-the-box with any CRM, CCaaS, and telephony stack. Its enterprise-grade scalability provides a secure, high availability infrastructure that runs 24/7 with 99.95 percent uptime commitment, and redundancy. Replicant is also are HIPAA, SOC 2, PCI, and GDPR certified and compliant.

Replicant’s Call Center Technology

Call center technology is here to stay. Replicant can help you get your call center quickly set up with the latest AI tech. Learn how conversational AI can help you create a successful call center management program now.

Learn how Contact Center Automation is transforming customer service with Replicant.

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