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The Future of Contact Center Automation: Key Tools and Trends

The current trajectory of automation and artificial intelligence seems to indicate that there will continue to be an ever-increasing demand for these technologies. Many companies have recognized that automation will be a major asset in the coming years; almost all leaders cite the solution as a priority for the next year. However, some understandable skepticism about contact center automation remains – particularly about individual automated contact center solutions. Read our automation benchmark report.

Good technological solutions take years of research and trial and error to develop. Because there is a huge market for automation and AI technology, the competition is intense and many of these solutions never succeed. As a business, it’s up to you to determine which solutions will be successful, especially for your particular industry.

Businesses that are ready to start using AI to improve customer experience should make their decision with a solid understanding of different solutions and the industry as a whole. These tools and trends will give you that understanding so you can make an informed decision. 

What is Contact Center Automation?

Before you start the search for the perfect automation solution, you should understand what contact center automation is. It’s a customer service technology that automates customer requests without the clumsiness or rigidity of an IVR, which, according to McKinsey, has one major flaw: people don’t like it. Automation, as an alternative to IVRs, creates a natural environment that makes customers more comfortable and gives them greater confidence. 

How do Contact Center and Robotic Processes Automation Work?

Using natural language processing and AI chatbots, automation achieves a high level of understanding of a variety of complicated customer requests. As a result, customers can talk with a bot as they would with a human being instead of using keywords and numbers to communicate. Because AI can solve common customer requests, agents are never involved in the vast majority of repetitive calls, which eliminates hold time. An automated contact center redirects difficult calls to available agents, who quickly resolve them. 

What are the Key Tools and Trends in Contact Center Automation?

Examining the past helps predict the future, so knowing which technologies have been increasing in popularity can give business owners useful information about where technology is headed. These are some of the key contact center automation trends and tools that you should know about.  

  • Conversational AI: Artificial intelligence will continue to handle the vast majority of inbound calls, particularly common customer issues, requests, and tasks. While talking to a bot instead of a human used to irritate customers, the technology has developed to the point where there isn’t much of a difference. And while customers might prefer to talk to a human agent, the benefits that come with this contact center automation tool are immense. Hold times – another major customer complaint – are basically eliminated as agents don’t have to interact with every single person who dials the customer service number. 
  • Natural language processing: When they call your company, customers want to have their call answered immediately and resolved within a few minutes. However, because technologies used in the past have been notoriously unsuccessful at these simple tasks, consumers have lost all faith in the ability of technology to resolve their issues. Natural language processing is designed to change that – and, so far, it has succeeded, making it a contact center automation tool you should know about. 
  • Omnichannel communication: Advancements in other areas of technology have increased customer expectations. While phone calls have been the default customer service communication channel in the past, Forbes points out that each of your customers has different preferences as to which channel to use. 

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