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The Future of Customer Service Lies In AI

The Future of Customer Service Is In AI. Are You Keeping Up?

The future of customer service is heading toward artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Call center outsourcing as the main customer contact point is becoming more and more outdated. 

During the initial shift from all in-person interactions to automated phone trees, robocalls, or interactive voice response (IVR), customers experienced a great deal of frustration. Often, the caller’s goal was to find some way to get out of the automated system to talk with a real person.

Today, customer service and AI can go hand in hand. New strides in artificial intelligence use natural-language processing. It has improved to the point where it can be difficult to tell whether you are talking to a computer or with a person. Natural language understanding allows multiple customer intents to be more easily processed. In addition, machine learning helps the conversational AI system “learn” what a company’s customers are asking and how to improve the overall customer experience.

How does AI increase customer service?

AI solutions like our Thinking Machine can fully resolve Tier One customer requests with zero hold times. Natural language understanding means callers can speak as if they were talking with a human being, without needing to repeat themselves. This results in a streamlined customer experience and the resolution of many customer service challenges.

How does automation help customer service?

The future of customer service and AI is all about the automation that helps both the customer and the contact center. Customers can get their questions answered or problems resolved quickly at any time and on any day. Contact centers are able to serve customers no matter their staff capacity and reduce handle time. In addition, more complex problems can be routed to customer service representatives, making their jobs more interesting and challenging.

Driving Results

Today’s conversational AI is mature enough to drive significant results. It improves customer satisfaction and helps agents deliver better support while making their jobs less stressful.

Replicant’s Thinking Machine uses natural language processing, machine learning, and big data to enable computers and humans to converse in a human-like way. Instead of having humans conform to robotic-like ways of interacting with computers, new technology makes talking with machines feel nearly human and far more organic. Customer service and AI can work together.

Forrester Research published a call center trends report that shows increasing the use of AI with human call center agents improved:

  • Agent satisfaction,
  • Operational efficiency,
  • Agent productivity, and
  • Customer satisfaction.

Forbes reports that conversational AI gives your company a competitive advantage over those that rely solely on live agents. In addition, AI can lead to higher agent retention rates as it allows agents to focus on high-empathy and creative calls, which leads to higher job satisfaction.

Replicant’s Thinking Machine

Our Thinking Machine is a contact center automation solution that features natural language understanding. It can detect multiple customer intents and help your call center resolve customer issues fast. If you are ready to get in on the future of customer service for your business, get started now.

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