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The Thinking Machine and the Future of Customer Service

The Thinking Machine and the Future of Customer Service

When most people consider the future of customer service, they may imagine a combination of machine learning technologies that work with human agents. Although interactive voice response, robo-calling, and other existing technologies have made some inroads, the future lies in technology such as the Thinking Machine from Replicant, which is a conversational AI solution that can completely resolve Tier One customer calls and provide a higher level of sophisticated call center service.

According to, the term “thinking machine” generically refers to computers that mimic human intelligence. The world relies on computers to process vast amounts of information and help us make a myriad of personal and professional decisions. “Every day millions of machines are fed with data, they learn new things, become better and smarter,” reported an article in Forbes.

What is Replicant’s Thinking Machine?

The Thinking Machine is the brain behind Replicant’s conversational AI solution. It works alongside customer service agents to answer incoming calls, make outbound calls, and handle Tier One issues without a human. It can also reveal customer information to agents and complete post-call tasks, like a digital assistant.

What is the future of customer service?

The future of customer service will be a combination of live agents working with conversational AI solutions. Tier One calls can be fully automated, providing immediate answers with zero hold times for a superior customer experience. More complex calls can then be directed to live agents for resolution, sent with a transcript of the conversation and account information so they know where to pick up.

What skills does the Thinking Machine have?

The Thinking Machine can understand multiple customer intents as well as requests to hold. It can be taught to understand accents, colloquialisms, and dozens of languages, and it can learn to sort through background noise. In addition, it can be fully trained to speak like your brand voice and use multiple models for higher accuracy. It’s trained specifically on customer service datasets and responds in less than one second between turns with a greater than 94 percent inference accuracy. Customer service departments that use this technology are able to scale up in weeks, not months or years, providing call centers the flexibility to easily handle peak seasons or extra volume when needed.

How does the Thinking Machine differ from other automation technologies?

This is not simply a robo-caller or a solution that only deflects calls to self-service options. Instead, it can fully resolve Tier One calls immediately, saving time for your customer and resources for your call center. When more complex calls come in, The Thinking Machine transfers those customers, with a transcript of the automated interaction, to a live agent.

It can work across multiple channels and integrates with all of the most common contact center software and customer relationships management systems. It accurately transcribes each conversation for agents and operational leaders to leverage in the future.

Try Replicant’s Solution

Our conversational AI system understands natural language processing and customer intent, improves and learns over time, and can be a valuable part of the future of customer service. Learn more about Replicant’s thinking machine now.

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