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The Thinking Machine Contact Center Technology

We are in the era of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Just about every market and industry are at least exploring how these advanced technologies will affect and potentially redesign their space. Contact center technology is no different as many companies race to provide AI-driven solutions to make call centers more efficient, responsive, and affordable.

Artificial intelligence in contact centers currently takes on many forms, from simple automation to managing customer inquiries and answering questions with no human interaction whatsoever. Replicant’s solution handles the more sophisticated end of the spectrum.

What is the Thinking Machine?

The Thinking Machine is Replicant’s contact center technology that is a sophisticated conversational AI solution. Since AI cannot deliver empathy and compassion like human beings can, Replicant chose a product name that clearly describes its strength: the ability to intelligently process natural language, answer Tier One customer questions, and resolve common problems quickly and efficiently.

How does it work?

The Thinking Machine is a contact center automation solution that can understand multiple caller intents using natural language processing. It is pre-trained on dozens of customer service drivers and millions of hours of live interactions, and it continues to learn through every interaction. As a result, it can resolve Tier One customer inquiries with zero wait time and no human interaction.

How does contact center technology drive contact centers?

Contact center technology helps modern contact centers improve customer satisfaction and increase loyalty by eliminating wait times, resolving routine questions and inquiries immediately, and efficiently routing complex problems to the right live agent with a full set of contact notes so that no information needs to be repeated.

Customer service influencer Shep Hyken points out that callers often wonder “Why did she ask for my account or customer number? I just entered it into their system before I was transferred to her. This is a waste of valuable time for both the customer and the company.”

An article by Aberdeen Research & Strategy reports that “customers get frustrated when they observe conflicting or inconsistent messages from brands they work with. For example, if a customer changed the address on their account through the self-service portal, this information should be reflected to the agent in the customer’s next call for support.”

The best contact center technologies eliminate this repetition, recording the data from the beginning of the interaction and forwarding it appropriately.

How does Replicant’s Solution compare?

Our solution compares favorably with other advanced contact center technology solutions.

Many companies may still be using interactive voice response (IVR) solutions, which can be frustrating due to its limitations. According to How Stuff Works, “the greatest disadvantage of IVR systems is that many people simply dislike talking to machines. Older adults may have a hard time following telephone menus and lengthy instructions. And younger callers get frustrated with the slowness of multiple phone menus.”

Unlike other call center automation software such as Amazon Lex and Google Dialogue, the Thinking Machine aims to fully resolve customer issues, not simply route them to agents or deflect them to self-service options.

Deployment of Replicant’s solution is also unique, requiring little to no IT involvement. Because it comes pre-trained for call centers and was developed based on millions of real interactions, it can deploy in weeks. The Thinking Machine also works across channels so customers can reach out to you by voice, text, and chat in a streamlined and integrated system. The success rate is 90 percent in customer resolutions that do not require agent escalations.

Learn More and Try It Yourself

Contact center technology is changing the way businesses are handling their customers and improving the customer experience so you have to keep up. If you are responsible for managing a contact center, we understand the challenges you are facing. 

Learn more about how our conversational AI solution has been implemented by companies around the world. Then, let’s discuss the way we can help your business too.

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