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Customer Experience Automation & Conversational AI

Why Customer Experience Automation Should Include Conversational AI

Today’s customer experience automation should always include conversational AI, and here’s why. Although customer satisfaction has been a mainstay of business for years, focusing on the entirety of the customer experience is relatively new. According to an article in Forbes, brands are now competing in this area and see stellar customer experience as a competitive advantage. People will pay more for great customer service experiences, and technology offers many ways to facilitate those experiences. 

“Research has found that as little as one bad interaction with a company is enough to stop many of us from giving them our business ever again,” the study continues. To reduce the risk of delivering a poor experience, many businesses have started to rely on advanced AI technologies as part of their suite of call center solutions. 

“Automated call handling systems were initially introduced to tackle some of these issues but unfortunately didn’t always have the desired effect,” the article says. “Businesses are counting on their ability to augment these systems with AI.”

What Are the Different Elements of Customer Experience Automation?

Customer experience automation may include many elements including interactive voice response, automated email response, chat messaging, and/or conversational AI. Some of these efforts in automating customer experience performed poorly and failed to contribute to successful call center management. 

However, customer experience solutions like Replicant that use conversational AI to drive natural conversations are much more effective. They allow customers to find answers to their questions and resolutions to their problems immediately without needing to talk with a live agent. 

How Do Customers See Conversational AI?

As investments in customer experience automation increase, it’s crucial to look at the customer’s perspective of successful call center management. Customers have struggled for years with contact centers, facing terrible customer service, uninformed agents, and long hold times. They’ve been forced to explain their situations over and over to automated bots and multiple staff members who are unable to offer the help they need. 

Conversational AI helps provide stellar service to every customer. It allows customers to speak naturally at any time over any channel. When customers are frustrated, annoyed, or stressed, it eliminates the need to repeat themselves and helps de-escalate difficult situations. 

At the same time, the right conversational AI technology is constantly gathering information about customer interactions. It continually “learns” from customer inquiries and adapts the system to make conversations more efficient and effective while broadening the scope of tasks it can handle.

Benefits of AI For Businesses

According to a study by Gartner, it is important that “leaders understand how customers interact with digital channels in order to contain customers within them, and improve their overall customer experience.”

As customer experience becomes an area of competition among businesses, more and more organizations will turn to customer support automation to give them the upper hand. AI, as part of contact center automation, takes care of Tier One customer service assignments so that trained agents can focus on more difficult questions. 

But customer experience automation isn’t the only benefit that conversational AI provides. It also generates analytics that help a contact center understand why customers are calling and what they’re looking for. Conversations can be transcribed, stored, and reviewed to provide further information about customers’ needs. This data in turn offers insights into the future of the business as a whole. 

Instead of seeing call and contact centers as cost centers, businesses can look at them as a way to create value through good customer support automation. Contact centers provide relevant information that helps your business improve. These centers are often the only way organizations communicate with customers, and a contact center that functions well increases customer retention rates and satisfaction. 

Staff satisfaction may increase as well. Once Tier One service tasks are automated, agents will have the time to focus on more interactive problems instead of answering the same questions over and over. 

Customer Experience Automation at Replicant

We’ve taken customer experience automation to the next level with our Thinking Machine. This conversational AI platform could transform your call center and significantly enhance the experience your customers have. Learn more, calculate your ROI, and request a demo now.

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