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LLM Layer

Unleash the Power of ChatGPT & LLMs In Your Contact Center

Resolve more customer issues with Contact Center Automation backed by the latest Large Language Model technology

LLMs are delivering 90% resolution rates in contact centers

  • Resolve more
    customer issues
    LLMs allow more flexible and complex conversations leading to improved call completion rates, decreased average handle times, and cut down agent escalations.
  • Up and running in weeks, not months
    Your Thinking Machine is built faster with less training, code and development
  • Brand-safe conversations
    Built-in safeguards and controls ensure that every conversation is secure, on-brand and protects PII

LLMs specifically configured to delight customers

1-Turn Problem Capture

The Thinking Machine can accurately capture several issues in a single turn of the conversation to increase completion rates.

Contextual Disambiguation

The Thinking Machine is fully aware of nuanced and complex differences in callers' varied answers, and can determine the meaning of each without additional training.

Dynamic Conversation Repair

The Thinking Machine seamlessly repairs the conversation when callers change their minds or make corrections.

Few Shot Learning

The Thinking Machine can learn new intents from just a few examples, without requiring the curation of tens of phrases per intent to optimize the model.

Dialogue Policy Control

Through our Dialogue Policy, a coded set of rules that govern what the LLM can say and do on our platform, we prevent inappropriate or offensive responses.

Intelligent Reconnect

If the customer gets disconnected, the Thinking Machine automatically calls your customer back and picks up where they left off.

For us, the value of Replicant has gone far beyond containment - it’s about actually improving the customer experience and cost savings. It’s so much more than we could have imagined.
Rob Dunning
Operations Leader
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