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Automation that scales quickly

Pre-built components that scale conversation design best practices across every use case

Pre-built components that span multiple use cases for a quick deployment

  • Data collection powers
    Leverage entity extraction and smart matching to accurately collect names, emails, payment info and more.
  • Conversational powers
    Give machines human-like skills, including the ability to handle hold states, recognize silence, traverse an IVR, and more.
  • Omnichannel powers
    Handle telephony, escalations, and orchestration across voice, text, and chat for smoother conversations across channels.

Building blocks for impactful conversations

Limited development resources needed

Deploy the best of conversational design principles across every conversation and use case so you're never starting from scratch.

Deploy faster without in-house experts

You no longer need a team of conversation design experts or AI developers to roll-out new use cases.

Tried-and-tested conversational design

Powers has been tested and optimized across millions of conversations - giving you confidence in the conversations being deployed.

With Replicant, it's not just about the solution itself, but about the partnership and their ability to strategize and see downstream with us.
Bill Hackett
Vice President of Contact Centers Strategy & Operations
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