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Masterclass: Build an Automation Strategy That Resolves Calls and Cuts Costs

  • Get the tools to build a future-fit automation strategy that delivers better CX and up to 50% lower costs.
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A high resolution rate means automation completes calls just as your best agents would while unlocking more net savings, higher customer satisfaction, and lower agent attrition.

This masterclass will give you the tools to build a future-fit automation strategy that captures the breadth of benefits offered by AI-powered automation:

  • Master the art of Resolution: Gain a practical understanding of the AI elements needed to resolve
  • Identify opportunities: Learn which use cases lead to the highest impact
  • Create an actionable plan: Build a clear, measurable strategy aligned to your goals
  • Avoid common pitfalls: Combat costly planning mistakes to develop a robust strategy 
  • Lead your transformation: Capture and communicate value to gain stakeholder buy-in

Attendees will hear from Brien Mikell, Director of Contact Center Operations at Love’s Travel, who will share how resolution-based automation delivered lower operating costs, less agent attrition, fewer call spikes and higher CSAT.

Don’t miss this opportunity to jumpstart your contact center’s AI strategy!


Brien Mikell Director of Customer Engagement and Contact Center Operations @ Love's Travel
Gadi Shamia CEO & Co-founder @ Replicant
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