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The Automation 
Game Has Changed

Goodbye Deflection.
Hello Resolution.

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With Generative AI, CX automation is no longer just a band-aid solution.

Start resolving requests end-to-end with zero agent involvement.

Ditch the clunky bots 
and give your customers 
an experience they’ll love.

A high Resolution Rate transforms
the entire contact center model.

50% lower operating costs, 
less agent attrition, fewer call spikes and higher CSAT.

Join the Resolution.

Resolution Rate Calculator

Resolution Rate: 0%
Baseline With No Automation
  • Costs
  • Agent Attrition
  • CSAT
Move the slider to explore your ideal resolution rate
  • 0
  • 25
  • 50
  • 75
  • 100
A Resolution Rate of 0%, represents when your baseline without any automation.
For Resolution Rates below 20%, automation can have a negative impact on your KPI's.
For Resolution Rates above 20%, automation can have a dramatic improvement on your KPIs.

Benchmark Resolution Rates by Industry:

  • Auto Insurance: Up to 90%
  • Insurance: Up to 85%
  • Consumer Services: Up to 75%
  • Healthcare: Up to 75%
  • Travel & Hospitality: Up to 63%
  • Transportation: Up to 50%

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