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The Ultimate Guide to Using AI for End-to-End Customer Service

Create a transformational automation strategy built to resolve calls, improve CX and lower costs
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With AI, automation can complete common customer requests end-to-end.

Gartner projects that 80% of organizations will apply generative AI to improve CX by 2025.

That means service leaders must act now to prepare their contact centers for a seismic shift in how they use automation.

This guide will help you reframe your focus from deflection and routing to a more transformational metric: Call Resolution Rate.

Gain the practical tools for evaluating the growing market of AI solutions and take action to begin resolving customer service requests at scale with automation. 

Topics covered in the guide include:

  • Why Resolution is the new golden metric for automation
  • How enterprises are leveraging Resolution-based automation¬†
  • 3 strategic actions to build a future-fit Resolution roadmap
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