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Call Assessment

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Streamline Your Call Center: Uncover Agent Activity and Automation Opportunities

Get a custom report for your call center using the same AI brain that has automated tens of millions of calls at companies like ADP, DoorDash, Spirit Airlines, AAA, and others. 

After a 30min consultation, Replicant will analyze a sample of your calls and give you insights tailored to your business.

The report will include:

  • Analysis on which call drivers your agents spend the most time on
  • Where to start with automation based on net savings by use-case
  • A Replicant demo tailored to your company’s top call flows

Schedule a quick call to get started.

Replicant is SOC2, PCI and HIPAA compliant. No call data will be retained once the call analysis is complete.

For us, the value of Replicant has gone far beyond containment - it's about actually improving the customer experience and cost savings. It's so much more than we could have imagined.
Rob Dunning
Contact Center Operations Leader