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Risk-Free Results

Our Money Back Guarantee

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Your most transformative decision is now fully guaranteed.

  • “You saved my rear!”
  • “We are saving over $1.1M a year with Replicant.”
  • “Replicant calls have a 40% higher CSAT score than agents.”
  • “I have seen agent attrition cut by over half with Replicant.”

Contact center leaders like you are discovering that Replicant is the most impactful solution they’ve ever implemented: significant savings, higher CSAT and improved agent satisfaction in just months.

Our Promise to You

We’re so confident in our ability to deliver remarkable results that we’ll fully refund your service and licensing costs if we don’t meet your expectations. (Spoiler alert: After two-plus years, we’ve never had to.)

Many products claim to be transformative. But only Replicant’s Money Back Guarantee ensures we’ll financially stand by your results.

Find Out For Yourself

With a Net Promoter Score in the top 1% of software companies, we’re proud to say that all of our customers are referenceable to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

There may be companies who do similar things, but the difference with Replicant is the outstanding level of partnership.
Lisa Rivier
Senior Director Operations