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Benchmark Report: The Impact of Economic Uncertainty on Contact Centers

Learn how 150+ leaders and key decision makers are shifting their contact center strategies for an unpredictable future.
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Nearly every contact center is preparing for an economic downturn and automation is a leading strategy.

As market pressure continues to rise, contact centers are being asked to spend less while continuing to keep up with customer demand. 

Replicant partnered with Demand Metric to explore how 150+ leaders in the contact center industry are responding.

Download the full report to access key findings, including:

  • 93% of respondents are preparing in various ways for an economic downturn
  • 68% of leaders say “automating customer service” is the #1 priority for new technology investments
  • Customer satisfaction continues to be the #1 KPI for contact centers, with 81% ranking it first
  • And much more
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