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AI Contact Center: A Faster and Personalized Customer Experience

Technology has accelerated so quickly over the last several years that customers’ expectations have skyrocketed. Today, customers not only expect to be able to have just about any product delivered to their door within a day or two but also want to be able to contact businesses at any hour of any day to answer questions, resolve problems, or obtain information. As a result, the AI contact center has stepped up to the proverbial plate to deliver.

Contact center management is under increasing pressure to deliver a faster and more personalized customer experience. According to a study by Markets and Markets, the conversational AI market is projected to grow from USD 13.2 billion in 2024 to USD 49.9 billion by 2030.

What is contact center AI?

Contact Center AI is a technology that’s based on artificial intelligence (AI) designed to answer customers’ questions immediately. Using natural language processing and implemented in every channel, call center AI resolves the vast majority of inquiries without human interaction. This technology eliminates wait time and allows live agents to assist customers on more complex inquiries requiring empathy.

How can AI improve the customer experience?

An AI contact center improves the customer experience because questions and issues are addressed and resolved immediately. A recent article from TaskDesk supports this, explaining that eliminating the most frustrating part of the phone call experience—the waiting—can dramatically improve satisfaction. Contact centers using AI have zero wait time. 

How can AI increase performance in a contact center?

Contact center AI solutions can improve performance in a contact center by resolving more customer questions and inquiries at a faster rate than without using cloud contact center solutions. First, all calls are immediately and can be simultaneously answered, even during peak periods. Second, those simple and repetitive questions regarding things like order status, account updates, or appointment changes can be managed automatically with no human intervention. And, finally, live agents are then freed to help customers with more complex issues more quickly. Since complete conversation notes are transferred, customers do not have to repeat basic information multiple times.

Reaching goals with AI in the contact center

Today’s contact center management teams are focused on increasing customer satisfaction, addressing ongoing staffing issues, automating customer service processes, reducing costs, and upgrading legacy technology.

Based on conversational AI technology, a cloud contact center transforms traditional call centers into efficient, data-driven organizations that are able to serve more customers faster while freeing agents from their most redundant tasks.

Benefits of an AI contact center

By using an AI contact center, businesses can reap many important benefits. Some key advantages include:

  • Consistent service. AI allows contact centers to provide the same consistent automated service across channels, so customers don’t have different experiences whether they call, chat or text.
  • Single data repository. All customer interactions from every channel are rolled up into one data repository, allowing every interaction to build on previous ones.
  • Happier agents. By shifting repetitive mundane work off the plates of live agents, contact centers can create a more rewarding employee experience. Agents are more challenged with solving complex problems that require knowledge and empathy.
  • Unlimited scalability. Because conversational AI can answer an unlimited number of simultaneous calls, businesses can scale growth or manage call volume peaks without affecting service performance.
  • Higher customer satisfaction. Contact center automation is proven to resolve Tier One customer requests faster and with higher satisfaction rates than human agents. 

Replicant’s value proposition

For more than eight years, Replicant has helped many organizations transform their contact centers using automation. Our team has worked side by side with contact centers to identify opportunities best suited for automation, create an ROI model, design conversations, integrate with existing systems, and everything in between.

Replicant experts help contact center customers launch battle-tested automation in just weeks, so they don’t have to dedicate time, money, and resources to designing a solution themselves. Instead, our customers can focus on their core business as well as serving their customers better and faster. 

Try Replicant

If you’re ready to give customer service automation a try, reach out to our Replicant team today. We have years of experience in helping contact centers just like yours successfully implement contact center technology.

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