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How Contact Center Automation is Different From Other Solutions

What Makes Contact Center Automation Different?

Contact centers represent an extremely large market with several important needs. Traditionally, contact center solutions have aimed to solve small pieces of the broader customer service challenges outlined above. 

Contact Center Automation offers a logical solution that eliminates the need for buyers to take on multiple vendors to solve individual challenges. So what makes contact center automation different from other solutions?

  • Not a “rip and replace” solution. Contact Center Automation solutions are designed to be immediately impactful, regardless of a contact center’s current technology stack. 
  • Not an IVR. Contact Center Automation uses conversational AI to allow customers to speak naturally, resolve multiple issues at once, and never be unwillingly deflected.
  • Not an agent assistant tool. Contact Center Automation’s core value comes from its ability to fully automate tier-1 requests – not help agents resolve more of them faster.  
  • Not a rigid plug-in. Contact Center Automation is customizable to any contact center model. It can sit in front of, behind, or completely replace an IVR and automate any number of use cases.
  • Not a CCaaS replacement. Contact Center Automation integrates into every existing CCaaS and UCaaS platform so agents can keep using their everyday tools while automation takes care of tier-1 requests. 
  • Not a chatbot. Contact Center Automation leverages a single AI brain to facilitate natural conversations across all channels, including voice, chat and SMS. Customers can seamlessly switch channels with context and receive resolution every time.

What are the benefits of Contact Center Automation?

A 2021 McKinsey survey indicated that AI adoption is experiencing a rapid rise, with 56% of all respondents reporting AI solutions in at least one function last year, up from 50% in 2020. 

The most popular AI use cases span a range of functional activities with Contact Center Automation ranking as the third most-common application in 2021. 

And, customers are more willing than ever to get resolutions through automation. According to the Replicant 2021 Contact Center Survey, 71% of customers would rather speak to a machine than endure 15 minutes on hold.

Contact centers have traditionally taken a step-by-step approach to automating their customer service channels. They’ve had to engage multiple vendors, take on time-intensive projects, and sometimes even hire teams of AI experts to build custom solutions.

Contact Center Automation offers a transformative solution to contact center challenges, where leaders can implement a single solution that instantly unlocks automation benefits across every channel.

Solutions come almost entirely ready to deploy out-of-the-box meaning the path to full implementation can happen with just  few weeks of customizing and integrating into whatever platforms you currently use. 

From there, contact centers can scale their solution to begin handling millions of live customer conversations, and collecting data from every channel in a single dashboard. 

A unified Contact Center Automation solution allows customer service leaders to think critically about their customer patterns and maximum ROI opportunities, rather than focusing on the intricacies of constantly evaluating and maintaining several solutions – from IVRs to chatbots.

Customers quickly notice when a brand has elevated their automation experiences from disjointed to best-in-class, allowing contact centers to focus on data, customer retention, and growth rather than acting as pure cost centers. 

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