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Scheduled Success: How the Thinking Machine™️ Automates Appointments

Your customers want simple and convenient ways to schedule an appointment. The problem? Appointment scheduling can get complicated fast. 

For starters, they take time. From healthcare to consumer services and every industry in between, contact center agents can spend hours a day on appointment scheduling alone. On top of that, spikes can occur at any moment and are impossible to staff for. 

Second, they’re complex. Not every appointment is as simple as picking a time. Customers may ask questions, certain appointments may require instructions and pre-qualification, and some can require long validation processes involving multiple data sources.

Third, they get missed. No-show appointments are a costly result of limited scheduling solutions. Performing appointment reminders can be a manual, time-consuming process and even automated solutions can limit customers’ ability to easily modify bookings which lead to more no-shows.

Lastly, digital solutions fall short. No amount of app-based or digital schedulers can fully eliminate customers’ preference for instantaneous phone service. Digital-only appointment solutions can frustrate customers and silo valuable customer data in a black box. 

That’s why Replicant has made the complex simple. With the Thinking Machine™️, contact centers can launch a comprehensive automation solution and start resolving calls in just weeks – without the headaches.

Here’s how businesses from healthcare to insurance automate appointments quickly and confidently with Replicant:

How the Thinking Machine™️ Automates Appointments:

Proven automation. Replicant has resolved 90% of common call drivers across millions of customer service interactions. With battle-tested conversations designed for trusted enterprise businesses, the Thinking Machine™️ brings out-of-the-box resolutions to appointment scheduling. 

Omnichannel made simple. Remove the guesswork from your automation implementation with exceptional experiences across channels powered by a single conversation engine. Customers receive consistent service across voice, chat and SMS, and can switch between channels for more efficient appointment scheduling. 

Seamless integrations. The Thinking Machine™️ is a natural fit with any tech stack. Replicant’s Contact Center Automation platform works with your IVR, CCaaS, CRM, and telephony to enhance, rather than replace, your existing technology.

Deep analytics. Get visibility into all support conversations and analyze insights from conversation data, success rates, unsupported call flows, CSAT, self-serve script edits, and more. Gain real-time visibility into each conversation using out-of-the-box or custom dashboards to optimize performance over time.

Natural conversations. Instead of an endless IVR or keyword-driven call trees, the Thinking Machine™️ is powered by cutting-edge NLU that allows customers to speak naturally when scheduling appointments. They can say things like “the Tuesday after next,” “sometime in the morning works great,” or even ask the Thinking Machine™️ to list available times. 

Replicant’s Thinking Machine™️ makes it possible to create, change, confirm, and cancel appointments across every channel with Contact Center Automation.

Drive Business Value With the Thinking Machine™️:

📆 Increase bookings and engagement without increasing costs

Replicant removes the barriers that prevent customers from booking with your business or cause them to miss appointments without setting a new time. Outbound messages remind customers of an appointment and make it easy to change or modify existing bookings. As a result, Replicant reduces no-shows while lowering cost per contact by 50% and delivering 55% in cost savings on average compared to a BPO.

🚀 Risk-free deployment ready to go live in weeks 

The Thinking Machine™️ is powered by proven, pre-built components that allow your business to get up and running with end-to-end automation faster than ever before. Out-of-the-box Powers make it easy to automate use cases like Appointments without heavy development. The Thinking Machine can quickly authenticate customers, accurately collect information like insurance, provide available times, schedule appointments, and send reminders.

📈 Unlimited scale tailored to your needs 

The Thinking Machine™️ is designed to meet today’s hiring and retention challenges with an elastic scale and unlimited capacity. With Replicant, contact centers no longer have to rely on inaccurate forecasting to plan daily and seasonal headcounts. By automating appointments, agents are more available to focus on high-value calls.

✅ Make end-to-end scheduling effortless

With a 90% first call resolution and CSAT scores that regularly outpace agents, the Thinking Machine™️ delivers a premium appointment scheduling process for every customer. The Thinking Machine™️ can speak hundreds of languages, pass-off escalations to agents with full context, and work with any tech stack to create appointments.

⏰ Convenient scheduling with zero wait times

The Thinking Machine™️ allows contact centers to eliminate wait times for their customers and provide appointment support outside of normal business hours. Automatically generated conversation transcripts and built-in continuous learning make it easy for managers to improve customer experiences without manual, development-heavy processes.

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