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Webinar Recap: How to Recession-Proof Your Contact Center

Labor shortages and unpredictable customer demand have defined much of the past two years for contact centers. But 2022 has brought on a new challenge in the form of economic uncertainty.

To understand how enterprise contact centers are dealing with added budgetary and hiring pressures, we spoke with leaders of customer service organizations from three of the most trusted brands in their industries: 

  • Lisa Rivier, Senior Director, Operations and Strategy, AAA Mountain West Group
  • Chris Purpura, Vice President, Customer Service, Neiman Marcus Group
  • Matt Woody, First Vice President, Contact Center, First Financial Bank. 

Our discussion ranged from their highest priorities to their strategies for overcoming multi-layered challenges, and how they’re focused on improving customer experience while adding value to agents’ jobs. 

Below are highlights from the forum. The full webinar can be viewed here.

What is your biggest recession-related challenge?



What strategies are you deploying to protect your contact center?


How is this recession different from past economic drawbacks?


Any agent-focused strategies that have been successful to combat hiring challenges?



How has Contact Center Automation helped you combat contact center challenges?


How do you manage an automation deployment with your agents?


Watch the full webinar here, or learn more about recession-proofing your contact center by downloading our free guide, “Definitive Guide: How Customer Service Can Thrive During an Economic Downturn.”

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