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A Look into the AI Contact Center of the Future

There’s a reason why futuristic movies, books, and shows are popular. Everyone loves the opportunity to peer into the times to come and see what might be in store. For today’s call center operations, the future is here. It’s the AI contact center. It offers a number of benefits for customers, agents, and your overall business.

Over the past several years, many contact centers have adopted technologies to help manage call volumes including interactive voice response (IVR) and AI chatbots. While these tools have helped businesses make significant strides toward call center automation, they have also had their drawbacks. Future customer service technologies go beyond simple tasks. They can fully and successfully resolve Tier One customer inquiries with zero wait time and no live agent interaction.

How can AI improve the customer experience in the future?

An automated contact center that utilizes conversational AI technology like Replicant’s Thinking Machine can completely eliminate hold times for many customers. According to HubSpot, roughly one-third of customers are frustrated by having to wait on hold. In addition, contact center automation will also help businesses route complex questions to the right live agents faster and more efficiently, eliminating the need for customers to repeat their questions or information.

What is the difference between traditional contact centers and ones that use AI?

Most traditional contact centers use only live agents or a combination of in-house representatives and offshore support. Other channels such as text and messaging may not exist or be properly integrated. However, AI contact centers that use the right AI customer service solution can offer omnichannel customer support that combines voice, text, and messaging into one integrated system.

What elements of a traditional contact center can be replaced by an AI contact center?

It’s important to remember that AI contact center technology, including AI customer service, is not designed to completely replace human agents. On the contrary, they are a way to support and improve the lives of live customer service representatives. For example, Replicant’s conversation AI system can replace a company’s IVR, routing, voice responder, and chatbot solutions. Note that it is not designed to reduce the number of human agents, but instead, designed to be a more effective automated solution.

Are AI contact centers future-proof?

We all know that the future of call centers can quickly become standard and then outdated in this fast-paced world of development. When looking for a new AI solution, it’s important to evaluate how the vendor will be able to keep up with the times.

For example, Replicant’s automated AI customer service solution is trained on millions of hours of real contact center calls, texts, and chats. In addition, once it’s implemented at your specific business, it will continue this learning to constantly improve over time based on calls that only your agents receive.

While automation, analytics, and omnichannel solutions are quickly becoming mainstream in contact centers, Replicant’s ability to continually learn as well as the company’s dedication to research and development will mean a steady stream of product feature and capability improvements.

What does an AI contact center look like in the real world?

Replicant has many customers that have successfully reduced costs and increased revenue as a result of using its AI customer service solution. For instance, one popular food delivery app outsourced its call center operations across two business process operations (BPO) providers in order to handle mealtime volumes.

Unfortunately, even with the addition of the BPOs, rapid spikes in mealtime demand created order backlogs and led to order cancellations. By using Replicant’s solution, this business eliminated this bottleneck, reduced order cancellations, and resulted in an additional $360,000 in revenue over three years. After deploying Replicant, the need for outsourcing was eliminated as well, reducing total costs by 55 percent.

Try Replicant

If you’re ready to step into the future of contact center automation today, request a live demo. Let us show you how we can help you implement an AI contact center. We have helped many businesses take advantage of AI technology to streamline and improve their customer service while offering an improved ROI.


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