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Call Center Solutions To Increase ROI

Increase ROI With Better Call Center Solutions

As technology becomes more advanced, customers are quickly becoming less tolerant of poor customer service communication. As a result, keeping up with competitors in any industry requires top-notch call center solutions. 

In the past, companies avoided investing in customer service software, preferring to use cheap, low-quality solutions that caused significant customer frustration. However, with technology like Replicant’s contact center automation and conversational AI, you can increase ROI without spending a fortune on agent salaries, hardware, or outsourcing. 

What Are The Types of Call Centers?

If you’re looking to improve customer experience, you should have some general knowledge of the four most common types of call centers and their features. 

  • Inbound: These centers exclusively handle inbound calls and are sometimes multichannel.
  • Outbound: These centers exclusively handle outbound calls to customers/partners.
  • Multichannel: These centers handle inbound and/or outbound calls across phone, chat, email, and SMS. 
  • Omnichannel: These centers handle inbound and outbound calls across every common communication channel. The most advanced omnichannel contact center automation software can also handle customer inquiries and problems in any language.

Investing In Customer Service Operations

Operational budgets for call centers tend to vary widely across industries, seasons, and markets. However, some recommend spending 15 percent of revenue on customer service expenses like call center software. 

This may seem imprudent at first, but remember that companies profit from satisfied customers. In today’s competitive and fast-paced market, consumers are faced with a plethora of options. One poor customer service interaction could send them out your door. 

Replicant gives call center agents the tools they need to succeed. With call center software like automation and AI, agents can handle higher call volumes and solve more difficult issues in a timely manner. If you’re willing to invest in quality call center solutions, you’ll stand out from the crowd – and your customers will notice. 

Comparing Modern AI Technologies To Chatbots And IVRs

“Agility, resilience, and flexibility continue to be essential to long-term contact center strategies,” says an article by Forrester. The technologies most contact centers continue to use are just the opposite. Rudimentary chatbots and interactive voice response (IVR) often aren’t worth the investment; these are the automation technologies customers hate having to deal with. 

Replicant’s call center software is the opposite. It surpasses these old technologies in performance, efficiency, and costs. With a Thinking Machine that has the capacity for natural conversations, Replicant lowers AHTs, boosts CSAT, and saves thousands of dollars for your company. Contact center automation eliminates the need for Tier One agents and outsourcing solutions, thus cutting down on customer service costs without compromising the quality of your customer experience. 

How Do Call Centers Solve Problems?

Call centers are a necessity for businesses in a variety of industries. They exist to help customers with questions regarding a product, order, or service. Call center agents answer inbound calls and help customers update information, place orders, collect payments, dispatch service, troubleshoot, and more. They make it possible for customers to get in direct contact with someone who has answers. Contact centers are essential to great customer relationships – those call center agents are the voice of a company. 

Measuring And Increasing ROI

In the past, companies have seen contact center technology as a necessary cost to keep customers happy. However, with the right customer service software, call centers can return 100 percent of their costs. Benefits like rich analytics, upselling capabilities, order fulfillment, and scheduling drive revenue and add value to a business through customer insights. 

Forbes recommends measuring your customer service ROI by paying attention to repeat behaviors. If customers are consistently raving about your stellar customer service, you’re on the right track. However, if they’re voicing some of the same complaints, you may want to rethink your customer service strategies. 

Try Replicant’s Call Center Solutions

Calculate call center ROI to find out what Replicant could do for your customer service department. If you’re ready to make a difference in the way you handle customer service, request a demo today. 

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