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DTC Brands Drive CX With Contact Center Automation

Direct-to-consumer businesses rely on great customer service

According to e-Marketer, Direct-to-consumer (DTC) eCommerce sales are set to explode from $76.6 billion in 2019 to $175 billion by 2023 in the U.S. alone, a 128% increase in just five years.

In addition, sales of digitally native DTC ecommerce should increase to $44.7 billion, up from $19 billion last year. 

And it’s not just ecommerce. DTC models present a multi-trillion opportunity among all industries, from insurance to finance to consumer services, bolstered by consumer shifts brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

According to data compiled by McKinsey, 75% of U.S. consumers have changed their shopping habits following the pandemic. Online-first, frictionless businesses can offer lower prices to consumers and more flexible experiences. 

As the internet increasingly becomes the preferred channel for brands across every industry, Contact Center Automation has become a preferred method for creating more modern customer experiences.

Contact Center Automation augments DTC contact centers

Expanded Support Hours With More Available Agents
Replicant offers 24/7, automated resolution for customers’ most common requests. Our Thinking Machine boasts a 96%+ accurate inference classification, which allows customers to ask complex, multi-intent questions for more natural conversations. For DTC brands, this translates to a comprehensive method for offering no-wait service, or after-hours and holiday support. The more a contact center uses Replicant to automate common customer requests, the more available their agents are to provide high-touch service for complex requests. In the latter case, the Thinking Machine intelligently transfers customers to agents to save up to 50% of average handle time per escalation.

Common contact drivers automated by the Thinking Machine include:

  • Authentication
  • Account & Order Management
  • Scheduling & Reservations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Call Routing
  • Outbound Calling & Reminders

Frictionless Experiences Built for Innovative Brands
Contact Center Automation offers modern experiences fit for customers’ expectations of innovative DTC brands. With Replicant, customers are able to engage in the most effective human-to-machine conversations ever to get their issues resolved, without having to deal with clunky IVRs or ineffective chatbots. Replicant’s Thinking Machine was designed to rise to the level of humans, not force humans to revert to robotic patterns of speech. 

With Replicant, contact center leaders can use a single conversation engine to resolve issues across voice, messaging, and other digital channels. Customers get a consistent experience, with seamless channel switching across every touchpoint. Contact center leaders get visibility into omnichannel transcripts in one dashboard. And agents get seamless handoffs for sensitive issues without losing customer context.

Branded Service with Automatic Personalization
Replicant easily integrates with any CRM and contact center software to offer personalized experiences based off of past interactions and purchases. This includes the ability to upsell, offer discounts, and optimize orders and subscriptions. With Replicant, customer experiences are fully customizable without the need for heavy development. The Thinking Machine can also collect information and update customer records via fully brandable Flex Forms that can be sent over SMS or chat. Throughout every conversation, transcripts are automatically provided with out-of-the-box analytics to identify key trends in buyer requests and behaviors – allowing DTC to constantly improve their CX.

Case Study: Leading telehealth company lowers call center costs without sacrificing CSAT 

The Problem
During the pandemic, the rapid growth of a telehealth company required it to hire more than 1,000 agents to deliver great service – but scaling this way was expensive and difficult to manage. They wanted to automate without sacrificing their high CSAT scores.

The Solution
After hearing the conversation quality of Replicant, they knew the speed and accuracy would provide high-quality CX. They deployed Replicant to resolve common contact drivers like billing, order updates, and updating payment methods and addresses.

The Outcome
Within four months of launching, Replicant scaled to handle all inbound calls and successfully resolved or routed requests for over 90% of calls. Replicant eliminated wait times, reduced agent handle times, and achieved an 88% CSAT score.

“Replicant offers a truly intelligent thinking machine that allows our company to remove the “busy work” type calls from our team members and open them up for true problem solving and building customer relationships.” – Manager @ Leading DTC Telehealth Company

Learn more about Replicant’s success with some of the world’s most innovative DTC brands. Schedule a demo to see how Replicant can help transform your customer service and contact center today.  

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