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Leading Pest Control Company Converts More Business with Replicant

Customer Overview

This nationally recognized pest control company has been keeping homes and businesses bug-free for over a century. With hundreds of branches across the US and around the world, their technicians are regularly honored as the best in the industry. From commercial fumigations, to annual residential sanitations, customers rely on their services to keep their homes and businesses safe.

Industry: Consumer Services
Size: 8,000+ Employees

Use Cases:

  • Customer Authentication
  • Intelligent Routing
  • Account Management
  • Appointment Scheduling

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The Challenge

Prior to partnering with Replicant, this business had a challenge converting new customers that called in to take advantage of free inspections. Due to the offer and the seasonal nature of their business, prospective customers would call in during the same time period. Often, they would wait on hold for 20+ minutes, overwhelming agents and increasing call abandonment rates. In addition, they were struggling to hire agents, and BPOs were no longer cutting it. They needed a way to automate their most common call flows so agents could focus on converting prospects and servicing urgent requests.

“We couldn’t hire, so we needed to either add more BPO capacity or automate.” – Pest Control Company

The Partnership

After over a year of evaluating automation solutions, this business chose to partner with Replicant for two reasons: “The Thinking Machine is so much more lifelike than anything we’ve seen before, which is huge with highly emotional customers,” they said. “The second reason was how attentive and helpful Replicant was.”

Replicant was deployed to automate call routing, authentication, account management, and appointment scheduling. Within weeks, customers were getting accurately routed to the right agent on first attempt, urgent requests were escalated quickly, and new customers could schedule inspections with zero wait times. At the same time, the contact center now had visibility into why customers were calling, providing new opportunities to prioritize request types and deploy agents more efficiently.

The Outcome

Replicant’s Consumer Services customers, from auto care to landscaping to pest control, have all experienced dramatic increases in their call resolution rates. With dozens of repeatable use cases and millions of calls automated, our experience helps service providers achieve high resolution rates on day one. With Replicant, this pest control company quickly began saving on costs, resulting from our partnership’s ability to establish the API calls, fields, and resources needed to get up and running quickly. Compared to the months to years-long projects most automation deployments entail, the ability to start automating flows in time for peak season paid dividends right away.

  • Higher conversion rates for new customers
  • Faster service for existing customers
  • Better agent experience
  • Lower training costs
  • Eliminated need for a BPO

“The Thinking Machine is so much more lifelike than anything we’ve seen before, which is huge with highly emotional customers.” – Pest Control Company

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