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Replicant Spotlight: Carolina Manterola, Senior Engagement Manager

Tell us about yourself! Where are you located and what was your path to joining Replicant?

I received a message from Margaret on the People Team telling me about Replicant and the role. I really enjoyed the interview process and the people I met. Before joining Replicant I was a Senior Engagement Manager managing global initiatives for a Fortune 500 company. I am currently located in the Montreal area in Canada.

What team are you on and what are some of the main goals your team is focused on?

I am part of the Delivery team in Professional Services. We are passionate about enabling a contact center to use automation to quickly solve customer service problems and improve the relationship between businesses and consumers. This also allows agents to focus on the most difficult customer issues. I am also the EM for the ASCII squad, where we focus on delivering high quality projects.

What does a typical day in your role look like? What kinds of projects do you work on?

A typical day would involve having client meetings to discuss their requirements and provide updates on ongoing projects. Additionally, there are internal sessions with team members to review priorities and next steps, as well as meetings with the squad to plan for the next sprint. Finally, the day ends with a meeting with my team to review new processes and ensure we are continuously improving our approach. I mostly work with projects for Auto Clubs customers but also have projects across travel, healthcare and consumer services customers.

What have been some of your favorite project/client engagements so far at Replicant?

I’ve really enjoy the client relationship with one of our transportation companies in particular. We have a great synergy with their team and we recently had a visit to their offices to finalize the roadmap for 2023-2024.

What’s one thing you’ve learned while working at Replicant?

I learned so much while at Replicant, two things in particular are telephony and conversation design.

How would you describe Replicant in three words?

  • Dynamic
  • Innovative
  • Challenging

What stands out about the culture at Replicant?

Everyone is ready to help each other and collaborate. We have a great diverse culture!

What has been one of your biggest accomplishments here so far?

Ramping up from onboarding less than a year ago, having delivered 11 projects so far and already looking into the future of our Auto Clubs product has been a great accomplishment for my team and me.

What sets us apart from others in our industry, and how do we provide value to our clients?

Besides the white glove service we provide, we care about our clients and their customers. We deliver a solution with a business transformation mindset, instead of just delivering call flows.

What excites you about the future of AI?

I am really excited about the new LLM initiative we have with our Thinking Machine, and leveraging AI even more in our daily roles so we can focus on more complex tasks.

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