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Replicant Unveils 2.0 Platform Powered by GenAI, Offering Near-Human Experience That Resolves More Customer Issues

Contact centers can fully resolve more customer calls with automation, reduce deployment times to just weeks, and realize up to 50% in net cost savings

Delivering great customer service is hard. Contact center leaders must constantly juggle costs, customer satisfaction, hiring challenges and unpredictable customer demand. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Replicant 2.0, which integrates GenAI to resolve significantly more complex customer issues with an automation experience customers love. 

As the leader in AI for customer service, Replicant already resolves tens of millions of calls each month for the industry’s largest enterprises, including ADP, DoorDash, AAA and others. 

Now, contact centers can use GenAI to deliver near-human conversation flexibility that dramatically reduces the time to deploy automation and cuts contact center costs by up to 50% while continuing to increase customer satisfaction.

Replicant’s 2.0 platform, which is now generally available, has been rolling out to beta customers since April 2023 with impressive results. One of the first contact centers to adopt the new features is the Canadian Automobile Association Club Group (CCG), which has been resolving mission-critical emergency roadside service calls with Replicant for over two years. 

With new GenAI features, they achieved 90%+ resolution for key data intake steps while reducing the length of conversations by 13%. 

“Replicant 2.0 allows the Thinking Machine to remember what the customer said without having to re-ask,” said Tanya Weigelt, AVP – Automotive, CAA Club Group. “It takes fewer turns to get information from customers, which saves them time and frustration.”

The upgraded platform has also accelerated the time it takes for CCG’s models to be deployed and improved. 

Replicant 2.0 includes the announcement of five exciting new products:

  • GenAI Components: Accelerate the deployment of common use cases with GenAI Components that simplify the complexities of model training, prompting, and evaluation. Enterprises get effortless control over customer responses and ensure sensitive content is always on-script.
  • GenAI Answers: Enable the cost-effective automation of the long tail of support inquiries with GenAI Answers that leverage knowledge bases to provide contextual, precise responses grounded in factual information. An automated evaluation system ensures response quality and relevancy while maintaining brand consistency and providing customers with the latest information.
  • AI Handoff: Enhancing agent efficiency, this feature allows for seamless escalation of calls requiring human intervention. GenAI-powered call summaries and action plans provided by Replicant ensure agents can seamlessly continue from where the automation left off, significantly reducing average handle time and mitigating agent attrition.
  • Premium Voices: Replicant 2.0 introduces groundbreaking advancements in text-to-speech technology, pairing the intelligence of GenAI models with remarkably pleasant and empathetic voices. These voices deliver an experience that is virtually indistinguishable from human agents, ensuring a delightful caller interaction with minimal latency.
  • Custom Transcription: Accurate transcriptions through speech-to-text are crucial for resolving issues over the phone and Replicant’s custom transcription models enhance accuracy by up to 30%. These models adeptly capture complex data types in 30 languages and across diverse speech patterns, ensuring industry-leading resolution.

With Replicant 2.0, contact center leaders can step into a future in which the vast majority of support issues are fully resolved with automation. Customers get a consistently delightful and effective experience, and agents are elevated to work on the most complex and nuanced challenges. 

Replicant’s track record of success across numerous enterprises is grounded in its unwavering commitment to deliver results, backed by a full money-back guarantee for all customers.

To learn more about the Replicant 2.0 launch watch the full product launch, including CCG’s inspiring customer story, by accessing Replicant’s Resolve conference on-demand.


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