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Six Companies Experiencing Profit Margin Miracles with Replicant

1. 35% Net Monthly Savings for OnProcess

OnProcess provides a service that helps their customers recover hardware after a customer contract has ended. They came to Replicant to automate their inbound and outbound calls that their agents did not have the capacity to perform. They now see an 11% increase in their hardware recovery rates.

“The results with Replicant are unbelievable. Absolute home run.”
– Mark Oldani, COO, OnProcess Technologies

2. 13.7% Decrease in Technology & Labor Costs for ECSI

Being in the loan servicing industry, ECSI’s call center experienced spikes in call volume around tax season and has historically always had to hire temporary agents. The tax season after implementing Replicant is the first time that they will not need to hire temporary agents and will depend on the Thinking Machine to handle the extra call volume.

3. 68% Decrease in Cost Per Call for AAA

AAA provides its members with emergency roadside assistance. Prior to Replicant, the average handle time for emergency roadside assistance was about 11 minutes. Replicant’s Thinking Machine gathers customer information and location, and gets a locksmith dispatched in under 5 minutes.

4. 70% Cost Reduction Per Call for Hawaiian Telcom

Hawaiian Telcom provides high speed internet, phone, wireless and other services for homes and businesses. Since automating their customer service calls with Replicant, they have resolved issues they were facing around long handle times and agent capacity.

5. 50% Savings vs. BPO for Doordash

DoorDash, a food delivery service, was using an expensive BPO to make outbound calls to restaurants. DoorDash decided to automate their contact center with Replicant. Within six weeks, Replicant was 89% as effective as offshore agents and after three months Replicant outperformed agents, escalating 16% fewer calls.

6. 20% Reduction in BPO Costs for Xenial

Xenial provides a global payments platform to restaurants. Xenial faced a BPO provider failure leading to emergency need. They were up and running with Replicant in a matter of days and at full capacity in 2 weeks. Xenial was paying $1.30/min to their BPO before moving to Replicant. They now see a 20% cost reduction from making the switch.

Transformative automation at scale

Replicant customers do more with Contact Center Automation. Customer service agents are freed from repetitive, mundane work. Business leaders gain insights into every conversation with built-in analytics. Customers get no-wait, omnichannel service that they actually enjoy speaking to. And seasonal spikes are flattened with an infinitely scalable automation platform.

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