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Top Voice AI Use-cases Every Call Center Exec Should Be Aware Of In 2021

Voice AI is fast becoming a staple of the modern contact center — handling Tier-1 repetitive calls, reducing costs, improving CX with fast first contact resolution, and freeing agents to focus on high empathy Tier-2 and Tier-3 resolutions.

While it’s easy to identify typical contact center use cases that benefit most businesses, for example:

  • User authentication – two-factor authentication, security question, pin
  • Account management – address change, transfer funds, update users
  • Payments – make payments, access invoices, request refunds
  • Order updates – order status update, change order, cancel order

…there are creative use cases for Voice AI across every industry.

Here’s popular use-cases customers using Replicant Voice choose for their businesses. Don’t see your industry listed? We’re happy to consult with you to help you uncover the best Voice AI use cases to improve your CX and drive business impact. 

Food Technology

  • Food ordering
  • Hours & data collection


  • Shipping management
  • Account management
  • Order updates & upsells


  • Setting up service
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Troubleshooting/modifying service


  • Policy information (B2B)
  • Policy management
  • Policy documentation


  • Account management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Payments


  • Reservations & bookings
  • Check travel status
  • Modify & cancel reservation

As you can see, there are numerous ways Voice AI can improve your CX and help you deliver faster, Tier-1 issue resolutions. To help bring this to life a bit, here’s a story of one of our customers. 

Replicant reduces average handle time and call escalations by 50%

Before Replicant, basic support calls for Because Market took 10+ minutes and customers waited on hold for 7+ minutes. The call center was becoming an operational bottleneck for Because Market as hiring more agents to meet customer service demands wasn’t sustainable or cost efficient. Because Market wanted to find a fast, user-friendly customer service solution that was scalable.

Replicant delivered on Because Market’s goals in a matter of weeks by providing:

  • Access to conversational self-service with seamless agent handoff for complex issues
  • Elastic scale to manage agent growth and unpredictable fluctuations in call volume
  • Insights into customer call metrics with easy to use reporting dashboards

Most important to Connor Shepherd, Founding Partner of Because Market, was finding a solution that didn’t compromise on customer satisfaction. As Connor explains, “Our mission is to deliver something high quality and unique for older adults and we want to innovate within our customer service as well. We wanted our customer service to feel seamless and personal without the typical burdens of automated calls like customers repeating themselves, having to wait on hold, or getting stuck in IVR menus.”

Replicant was the perfect solution for Because Market as it boosts call center productivity and gives customers delightful service that’s fast, accurate, and contextual without the restrictions of an IVR menu.

Want to explore how Replicant can help you put Voice AI to work for your business and improve CX? 

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