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What Conversations Should You Automate?

Deciding which customer service requests in your contact center are best suited for automation is the first step on your journey to improving the customer experience and reducing costs. Use this guide to identify key information and evaluate which flows are best served by contact center automation.

Bring the right data and minds to the table
You’re not in this alone! Work collaboratively to identify the best fit for your business – starting with key stakeholders and data sources to help you identify the right call flows.

Identifying the Right Use Cases

High Volume Identify conversations that take place thousands of times per week in order to achieve economies of scale and significantly impact your contact center operations and ROI.

Low Complexity Identify conversations that achieve a desired goal like resolving a payment issue or changing a delivery time or date. These requests are predictable, repeatable, and easy to script.

Low Emotion Identify conversations that require low emotional intelligence and empathy, while also evoking low emotion from the customer. Think transactional or operational requests like scheduling a service, updating an address, or requesting a proof of insurance.

Call Spikes Identify conversations triggered by unexpected or expected events that lead to high request volumes like spikes during lunch hours, holidays, seasonal periods, or even one-off surprises like a power outage.

IVR Leakage Identify conversations in your IVR that are getting stuck, not fully resolved, or prematurely routed to an agent and also meet the criteria above: high volume, low emotion, or seasonally driven.

Personalized Identify use cases that would benefit from greater personalization. When integrated with existing software, Replicant can make data dips into CRMs to authenticate customers and recall user information faster for contextual conversations.

Key Stakeholders

  • Contact Center Managers
  • Contact Center Operations
  • Data & Analytics Team

Deploy Quickly and Securely

Scale the best of conversational design principles across every use case and industry with hundreds of pre- built conversation components that work out-of-the-box and make it easy to design the most optimal conversation flows without heavy development.

Every Industry Benefits From Contact Center Automation

Tried and true use cases that industry leaders automate with Replicant:

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design element
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