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From Promises to Production: How to Implement ChatGPT and LLMs in your Contact Center

  • See how ChatGPT and Large Language Models are already in production and achieving 90% resolution rates
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ChatGPT and Large Language Models have the power to revolutionize customer service. And for Replicant’s customers, it’s already happening. Better resolution rates. Fewer turns and lower average handle times. Faster time to value. These are no longer promises, but actual results. 

More and more companies have adopted Contact Center Automation as they deal with agent hiring challenges, call volume spikes and budget pressures. LLMs are already accelerating this trend, and companies that don’t act will be left behind.

Join Gadi Shamia, co-founder and CEO of Replicant, Meghna Suresh, Head of Product, Replicant, and Tanya Weigelt, AVP, CAA Auto Club to understand how companies are already unlocking the potential of this new technology.


Tanya Weigelt AVP - Automotive @ Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)
Gadi Shamia Co-Founder and CEO @ Replicant
Meghna Suresh Head of Product @ Replicant
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