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Preparing for the Contact Center Workforce Management Crisis

  • Learn from our panel of innovative contact center leaders about how they plan to tackle workforce management challenges head-on in 2022.
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Being a call center leader has never been harder. 

Hiring shortages, high agent turnover, and unpredictable surges in call volumes are just a few of the challenges adversely affecting today’s customer service providers. 

Fortune reports that in September 2021, 4.3 million Americans voluntarily quit their jobs. Labor shortages are expected to remain high in 2022, too. In Fortune’s survey of CEOs, 73% report that labor/skills shortages will disrupt their business in 2022. 

So how are some of the most innovative contact center leaders tackling these challenges in 2022? 

Watch the recording with all-star panelists from a variety of industries to learn how they’re responding. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the forces causing today’s challenges, and learn the leading strategies today’s experts are using to build the most resilient contact centers of the future.


Hannah Day Director of Revenue Management & CRO Operations, Paramount Hospitality Group
Mark LoGreco Director of Contact Center Operations, 1-800-PACK-RAT
Tanya Weigelt Director of Club Operations, CAA Club Group
Luis Chapa Sr Manager, Specialty Teams-GCX, eBay
Nayan Mehta Head of Customer Success, Replicant
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